Tessa W. McKenzie

Assistant Director of Life Design: Student Disability and IS

Tessa, a proud Pittsburgher at heart, can likely be found in a local coffee shop, knitting, reading and connecting with new friends regarding topics including wellness, social justice and faith. She is a strong proponent of Life Design because she loves to speak with people about life as a non-linear journey. Fortunate to have gotten her start in refugee resettlement with AmeriCorps, Tessa has worked in immigrant advocacy and nonprofit capacity building. She has ultimately channeled those skills into empowering the change-makers of tomorrow. If Tessa could tell her college-self anything, she would say don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There’s no syllabus to life, so try things out and trust that your mess, will be a big part of the message you share with the world. Also, date Tim McKenzie when he asks you out the first time.


Connect with Tessa on Twitter: @TessaMcKenzie15