Career Academies: Your Professional Community

Your Career Academy is an affinity group where like-minded professionals and experts guide students pursuing their passion. Each of our six academies has an employer relations and student career development staffer dedicated to connecting students with top companies and industry-specific knowledge. Join these industry-specific community of employers, alumni, faculty, and parents who provide professional business insights and connections so you can build the skills and network you need to succeed.

Students should identify their preferred Academy (or academies) under Career Interests in Handshake. The video below walks you through the process.

arts, media and marketing logo iconArts, Media & Marketing

The Arts, Media, and Marketing Career Academy supports thinkers in the humanities, media, marketing, entertainment, communications and public relations fields. Students who aspire to work for major media outlets, market new brands or curate museums collaborate with alumni, parents and faculty from companies like Time, Inc., NBC News, and Sotheby’s.

consulting academy iconConsulting

Consulting Career Academy participants are critical thinkers who help organizations in government, business, and nonprofit sectors solve problems creatively and to effect real change. Consulting firms hire from all academic backgrounds, including math, economics, international studies, engineering, and more. Connect with professionals from companies like Deloitte, The Advisory Board Company and KPMG to improve how our world works.

finance academy iconFinance

Finance Career Academy participants are driven students looking for the opportunity to work on Wall Street, in corporate America, or in multinational corporations to drive local and global economies ethically. Close partnerships with professionals from companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs help students build a strong career platform.

health sciences academy iconHealth Sciences

The Health Sciences Career Academy helps students explore interests in basic science, research, pharmaceuticals, public health and medicine while honing skills that save lives and build a better world. Our partnerships with organizations like the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, GlaxoSmithKline and the World Health Organization prepare students to make a difference with their careers.

nonprofit and government academy iconNonprofit & Government

The Nonprofit and Government Career Academy is a community of those committed to issues of politics, policy, security, environmental stewardship, and advocacy in the United States and internationally. Our network includes professionals from the Peace Corps, Center for American Progress, United Way, and more, and helps students navigate often complicated paths to success.

stem and innovation logo iconSTEM & Innovation

STEM and Innovation Career Academy participants are creative, analytical problem solvers committed to understanding how things work and imagining what the future could look like. Our partners at companies like Intel, Genentech and Google are part of the team that will build STEM students’ progress in becoming tomorrow’s innovators.