Funding Guide

The Life Design Lab Funding Guide

Preparing Your Application

We strongly encourage you to attend a resume workshop and grant information workshop on LDL-TV to talk to educators about your project and meet with your Life Design Educator prior to applying or drop into see any Life Design Educator during office hours. In addition to these summer grant opportunities, please also take a look at our other linked summer funding resources at the bottom of this page.


Life Design Lab Summer 2021 Grants Application

Opens: March 1, 2021
Closes: April 6, 2021

Application: Accessed Through Handshake

The Life Design Lab is pleased to offer the following grant opportunities to all Johns Hopkins University undergraduates for the Summer of 2021. You can apply for all grants through a single application accessed on Handshake.

All Life Design Lab Summer Grant applications require the same three components: a completed application form, a one-page resume, a one-page, single-spaced, 12 pt. font statement of grant purpose including a proposed budget and requested funding.

When you apply to summer funding you may select to be considered for up to three grants:

Design Your Summer Experience Grants

Open to all undergraduates, the DYSE grants provide up to $1,000 for summer experiences that are either traditional or non-traditional, paid or volunteer, short- or long-term, or scholarly (non-credit-bearing) or professional in nature. This can include any variety of immersive projects or programs. [See an example from last summer: Link to HUB article on cookie business] We strongly encourage DYSE applicants to also consider applying to become a Life Design Fellow through the Life Design Summer Institute through JHU Summer Programs. Students cannot apply for DYSE funding in order to fund an intensive summer research program (greater than 50% of the summer experience or 20+ hrs per week) and students cannot receive funding if they are also receiving academic credit for their work. DYSE may be used to close the gap on short-term, underfunded, or low-hour research or hybrid research and job shadow opportunities (10-12 hrs or less per week).

Un(der)paid Life Design Lab Internship Grants

Many internships that students get in the summers are unpaid or underpaid. Still other students commit significant time to volunteering or immersive programs rather than summer internships. These grants provide up to $3,000 in funding to help make ends meet and to acknowledge the significant value of these experiences for developing professional skills. You do not have to request the entire amount, and we encourage you to request funding only for essential needs such as reasonable college housing costs, food, transportation, and business essentials.

Second Decade Society (SDS) Grants (Multiple Awards)

The Second Decade Society will provide funding for 20 DYSE and 10 Un(der)paid Internship grants to Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Undergraduates. In addition to funding, SDS will create several flash mentoring and workshop opportunities to support award recipients. All KSAS applicants to the above two grants will automatically be considered for this funding opportunity.

SOAR Summer Plunge Grant (FLI Support)

The SOAR Summer Plunge Grant offers up to $3,500 and wrap around summer professional development support to help FLI students with summer internship and professional development experiences in a variety of ways. Students who qualify for SOAR funding may also be granted additional funding through other Life Design Lab grants.

Recipients of the SOAR Summer Plunge Grant are required to participate in both a pre/post-immersive experience virtual workshop as well as provide a brief midpoint reflection check-in.

Center for Student Success Summer Grants (FLI Support)

The Center for Student Success Summer Grant offers up to $3,500 and professional development to support an immersive summer experience, including internships, research, and other academic/professional opportunities. Please note that this grant does not apply to enrollment in summer courses toward your major at JHU. Students in the following CSS-based programs are eligible to apply: JUMP, FLI Network, Hop-In, SCAA, Kessler Scholars Program and Baltimore Scholars Program. Among the CSS summer grants awarded will be the Condon-Hynes Summer Success Opportunity Grant that was generously made possible by the Condon-Hynes family to support FLI students. Students who qualify for CSS funding may also be granted additional funding through other Life Design Lab grants.

Remote Work Supplies Funding

Need professional supplies to make you remote internship, immersive summer experience, or work from home project happen? This funding will provide select materials in up to $200 in value for students who need additional work supplies. Students must choose from a preset list of possible items and provide a short justification for those items directly on the application form. Substitutions and customizations will not be possible. Shipping within the United States only.

Steinberg Family Grant (Unpaid Internships)

These grants provide 6 students with up to $4,000 to support Homewood undergraduate applicants who secure unpaid summer internships. Formerly known as the Homewood Parent Grant, the Hopkins Parents Council is honoring the memory of Hopkins Parents Council members Bruce and Irene Steinberg P’20, sons Zach ’20, William and Matthew who perished in a 2017 plane crash, by renaming this merit internship grant program through the summer of 2023.

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Robins Internship Grant

Type: $1,525 or $3,500 internship grant
Deadline: intersession (due in fall), summer: (open fall-spring)

Find grant application by searching Handshake jobs for Robins internship.

Through the generosity of alumnus Charles Robins, Johns Hopkins University offers funding for selected students to gain business-related or economic development-related experience through intersession or summer internships in East, Southeast, or South Asia. The experience can be in private industry, or it can be in a government or nonprofit setting as long as the position is focused on business/economic development, finance, accounting, marketing, or management.


Other Professional Development and Research Funding Opportunities

Weisman Internship Family Grant Program

Type: Funding for international studies majors
Deadline: April (summer/fall internships), December (spring internships)

The Weisman Family Grant Program is funding is designated for students in the International Studies Program participating in internship experiences. Funding for internship-related expenses is awarded based on submitted proposals summarizing a position that the student has already accepted.

Research Funding

Bander Family Fund Award

Deadline: TBA

The Bander Family Fund Award is intended to encourage students to think creatively in defining work that can only be done outside of the classroom. The Bander Fund will award $4,000 to one or two undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) who wish to pursue such an independent project over the summer. The work may be independent research, a creative venture, or an internship directly related to a field of study. KSAS freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply. Seniors are not eligible for this award.

Bander Family Fund Award

BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Includes: $4,000 stipend for JHU research
Deadline: February

The BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program will pay students to help offset the expense of staying at JHU over the summer. The program runs for 10 weeks, full-time (40 hours/ week) over the summer from June to mid-August. Students are expected to arrange and pay for their own summer housing. All participating students participants are strongly encouraged to present a poster at the annual Hopkins CARES Symposium and Poster Session. Should you be unable to present at Hopkins CARES, you will be required to present at DREAMS, held annually in April. You are strongly encouraged to present your project at both Hopkins CARES and DREAMS.

BDP Summer Undergraduate Research Program


Includes: $2,000 to $6,000 in research grants
Deadline: February

Cohort-based Integrated Research Community for Undergraduate Innovation and Trailblazing – CIRCUIT offers Johns Hopkins University students an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research experiences at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, MD. Students will have the opportunity to build skills and make significant contributions to science in a fun, collaborative environment. More information about the program can be found here.


DURA Research Awards

Deadline: Spring
Awards range from $500 – $4,500

The Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards (DURA) are designed to promote independent research projects among our exceptional undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS). These awards, which range from $500 to $4,500, enable undergraduates in KSAS to pursue original research, work closely with a Hopkins faculty mentor, and advance knowledge for the world. Awardees have an entire year to use the funding. KSAS undergraduates in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences are all eligible for these awards. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply. (Seniors are not eligible to apply for these awards.)

DURA Research Awards

Meg Walsh Award

Deadline: December 16, 2019 – Applications and all additional materials are due by 5:00 p.m.

This award provides a graduating senior from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences with $32,000 to undertake an independent project of his or her own unique design involving international travel. The award affords the opportunity for a promising Hopkins graduate to focus on an independent project that explores the student’s own interests and abilities, test his or her knowledge and assumptions in a broader international context, and develop leadership skills. Projects may be in any area, including public service, creative or artistic, research—whatever the applicant desires. The project may not, however, include extended study at a foreign university.

Meg Walsh Award

PURA (Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award)

Includes: $3,000 research fellowship
Deadline: September

PURA is open to undergraduates from any division working with a mentor in any JHU division, center, or institute. Undergraduates have the opportunity to conduct independent research, design, entrepreneurship, scholarly, and creative projects over the academic year. PURA recipients will present their project at DREAMS campus-wide day celebrating undergraduate projects.

PURA (Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award)

Summer PURA

Includes: $4,000 for summer research
Deadline: February

The Hodson Trust established a generous endowment in 1993 creating the PURA program. As with PURA, Summer PURA is open to all JHU undergraduate students (that will not have graduated prior to the summer program start date). The program offers JHU undergraduate students the opportunity to stay in Baltimore during the summer to start or continue a research, creative, or scholarly project in any division, department, or program related to Johns Hopkins.

Summer PURA

Vrendenburg Travel Fund

Includes: Funding for travel and experiential education
Deadline: February

The Vredenburg Travel Fund allows outstanding engineering students at Johns Hopkins the opportunity to apply their engineering, technology, and applied science skills and training in an international setting.

Vrendenburg Travel Fund

William F. Clinger, Jr. Award

Deadline: spring
$10,000 available to the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences in support of undergraduate international research.

William F. Clinger, Jr. Award


Student Group Funding

Life Design Lab funding exists to financially support programs or events developed and implemented by JHU student groups that support career preparation of Homewood undergraduate and graduate students. Student groups should work with the relevant Life Design Educator to look into opportunities to collaborate.

All student organizations who wish to be considered for funds must be registered with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement and listed on Hopkins Groups (501(c)(3) groups under consideration for official student status are eligible to apply). Other sources for group funding include the JHU Alumni Association and Student Leadership and Involvement.