Find Jobs and Internships

Every experience you have at JHU can help you find your next step in life design. Internships and the job search is a key part of that. Think of finding jobs and internships as a process that repeats throughout your life: prepare, network, apply, then learn from your experience.

The JHU Student’s Intern Experience

JHU students have taken their talents across the world: in China, Uganda, San Francisco, or right here in our hometown of Baltimore.

Prepare for Your Search

Internships and entry-level jobs are learning experiences, but your boss will expect you to arrive with skills, work ethic, and a sense of workplace etiquette. Prepare to succeed with workshops on networking and internship professionalism and you’ll be more likely to get the position, perform well, and have a satisfying experience that leads to new opportunities.

Network to Create Job and Internship Opportunities

Find a Mentor on OneHop

OneHop is Johns Hopkins’ mentoring platform. It connects students with almost 1,000 hand-picked alumni who are actively offering mentoring opportunities; representing every Johns Hopkins school and many industries, locations, and levels of expertise. Through OneHop, each JHU student can develop their own team of advisers, alumni, and peers that provide support and guidance as they explore their potential opportunities. All current JHU students can access with their JHED id.

  • Search for and message alumni based on location, major, industry and what you need help with
  • Request web-based “flash mentoring” or quick meetings to learn from their experience
  • Start a long-term mentorship
  • Use resources to get the most out of your mentor partnership
  • Ask and answer discussion questions about careers and life exploration

Scout on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help you build a professional network, identify opportunities and research organizations. Join LinkedIn groups to find JHU alumni who are willing to answer questions, meet with students, and become a mentor. Often, these connections can lead to finding or creating an internship or job that isn’t publicly posted.

Want more help? Use the resources below or discuss with a life design educator.

Employer Information Sessions on Campus

The best way to connect with companies is through the hundreds of employer-led sessions on the JHU campus every year. Companies from all industries host events on their company’s culture, how to succeed at their interviews, networking, and more. During these sessions, students have a small audience with recruiters, meet JHU alumni who work at the company, and get insider tips on the application and interview process. All students who are serious about planning their career should attend these sessions throughout the year.

Different industries will have more employer-led sessions at different times of the year. Please check frequently for employer events, as they will be posted on a rolling basis.

Work through Your Existing Connections

Talk to Faculty

Talk to faculty, classmates and/or your neighbors – you never know who knows someone who works in a particular organization that interests you. You only discover this information when you reach out and ask.

Social Media

You can follow companies on a wide variety of platforms. Commenting and connecting to those employees who post for the organization can be a good foray into an organization where you may know no one. Following an organization is a good way to get recognized!

Fan Mail

Google a set of terms designed to find off-the-beaten-path articles (especially interviews) with current employees of a targeted organization at which you do not have contacts. After finding those articles, reach out to the person interviewed by thanking them for their insights that appeared in the article/interview, and ask for time to discuss the topic. For more information on this read The 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.

Cold Calls

When you have tried several other ways of identifying contacts, cold calling can be surprisingly effective, especially with smaller companies and those with human receptionists. Simply ask to speak to the most relevant contact using the information you found from earlier research. If asked, simply say you have questions about the organization.

Find Positions

JHU-led Internship Opportunities

A number of JHU departments have their own internship programs that do the legwork for you. Many of these positions work with alumni or other engaged groups, and are a great way to get both your career and network going.

JHU also offers a variety of stipends and fellowships to help students complete experiential education or internships that they might not normally be able to afford. Find a list of JHU internship programs and internship funding here.

Search Positions on Handshake

More than 10,000 employers and thousands of rotating internship and job opportunities can be found at You can use Handshake to apply to positions, including those that are part of JHU’s on-campus interviewing, and allow you to interview in our office during a weekday.

Search for jobs on Handshake today.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs are a good place, though not the only or best place, to explore opportunities and meet a large number of employers who offer internship and/or job opportunities. JHU hosts one major career fair in the fall of each year, as well as a number of smaller fairs focused on specific industries. Please check our Career Fairs page for more information on local fairs and how to prepare effectively for a Career Fair.

Other Listings and Online Search Engines

These listings are also useful for finding more specific and local employers or postings.

Other Internship Connections

  • Parents Internship Network JHU parents work with their employers to post internships for students. Use the link above, or search “PIN” in the jobs section to find and apply to PIN internships. Make sure to reference your JHU connection in applications.