Multicultural Leadership Council

The Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC) is a council of student body that oversees 35+ culturally-based undergraduate student organizations at Johns Hopkins University. The MLC seeks to increase visibility of these organizations, explore identity development and cultural growth, and foster an inclusive sense of community. Through monthly meetings, leaders come together as a way to engage with each other and further develop their leadership as it relates to their cultural identities. The executive board serves as a resource to all groups within MLC through relationship building, cross-cultural collaboration efforts, and providing grants.

The MLC meets once a month, on the first Wednesday of every month from 6–8 p.m. The Executive Board meets every other Wednesday from 6–8 p.m.

For more information, please contact the MLC at

Executive Board

Kendall Free headshot

Kendall Free

Pillaca-Gutierrez headshot

Melanie Pillaca-Gutierrez
Director of Internal Communications

Boyapalli headshot

Sanjana Boyapalli
Director of Campus Engagement

Nikki Garcia headshot

Nikki Garcia
Director of Finance

MLC Student Organizations

  • Advocates for Disability Awareness
  • African Students Association
  • Arab Student Union
  • Bangledeshi American Student Association
  • Black Student Union
  • Brazilian Students Association
  • Chinese Students Association
  • Cuban American Undergraduate Students Association
  • Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance
  • Eritrean & Ethiopian Student Association
  • Female Leaders of Color
  • Filipino Students Association
  • Hawai’i Students Association at JHU
  • Hong Kong Students Association
  • Indigenous Students at Hopkins
  • Inter-Asian Council
  • Iranian Cultural Society
  • Japanese American Student Association
  • JHU French Club
  • JHU German Club
  • Johns Hopkins Caribbean Cultural Society
  • Johns Hopkins Hellenic Student Association
  • Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Capoeira Association
  • Knotty By Nature
  • Korean American Student Association
  • Korean Students Association
  • Lan Yun Blue Orchids Chinese Dance Team
  • Men of Color Hopkins Alliance
  • Multicultural Leadership Council
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Organizacia Latina Estudiantil
  • Puerto Rico Student Association
  • Singapore Student’s Association
  • South Asian Students at Hopkins
  • Taiwanese American Students Association
  • Thai Students Association
  • Turkish Student Association
  • Vietnamese Students Association