Students Educating and Empowering for Diversity at JHU (SEED) is a group of undergraduate students trained to enhance campus climate through programs which promote living, functioning and navigating effectively in diverse and inclusive communities. SEED utilizes a variety of programmatic structures to achieve the goal of educating and empowering participants around issues of cultural knowledge and responsibility.

The SEED (Students Educating and Empowering for Diversity) team currently consists of thirteen (13) undergraduate students representing diverse backgrounds with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic, religion/faith, political ideology and other identities.

The leadership structure consists of three (3) co-chairs who lead three (3) areas of concentrated focus areas:

1. Race/Ethnicity – Abhi Kumar, Co-Chair,
2. Social Justice/Activism – Kate McEvily, Co-Chair
3. Gender and LGBTQ- Jessa Wais, Co-Chair,

In addition, SEED provides one program each month on one of the concentrated diversity areas; as well as collaborations with other student groups/organizations.

SEED offers the following trainings to student groups/organizations at a minimum 1.5-2 hour block:

1. “Applying Identity” – a interactive training that helps students to identify their primary identities, attach values to those identities and then solve a scenario using that information.
2. “The More You Know, The More You Grow” – a training designed for students to understand bias, privilege, micro- aggressions and triggers that are exhibited in everyday life.
3. “Poverty Simulation” (2 hour minimum) – an interactive experience in which participants navigate in created scenarios designed around utilization of personal finances to manage life experiences.
4. Facilitated Discussions – SEED students are trained to facilitate discussions with groups of students around culturally sensitive topics.

If your organization has a specific area of interest, please contact one of the above co-chairs or SEED Advisor, Carla Hopkins, The SEED Team will need a minimum of (2) weeks , with the exception of a facilitated discussion around a current event, to plan your program effectively.