SEED Educators

The Office of Multicultural Affairs offers diversity education workshops that utilize race as a core identity and examine intersectionality through that lens. It is our goal to dialogue, engage and challenge inequities that are represented in our multicultural world. OMA also provides trainings/sessions that are tailored to connect and educate authentically with our JHU community.

SEED: Students Educating and Empowering for Diversity

SEED: Students Educating and Empowering for Diversity is a peer-to-peer diversity education initiative through the Johns Hopkins University Office of Multicultural Affairs. Through trainings and workshops, SEED peer educators prepare JHU undergraduate students with how to engage in intergroup dialogue centered around identity, intersectionality, and social justice. SEED utilizes a variety of programmatic structures to achieve the goal of educating and empowering participants around issues of cultural knowledge and responsibility.

SEED consists of undergraduate students representing diverse backgrounds with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic, religion/faith, political ideology and other identities.

2020-2021 SEED Educators: Kameryn Atkinson, Katerina Krouglicof, Danae Baxter, Bentley Addison, Reshmi Patel, Kevin LaMonica, Yesenia Salazar, Ameerah Bello, and Yoonho Choi

SEED Member Roles*

Open to all JHU undergraduate students, with or without facilitation or diversity education experience. SEED educators serve as identity specialists for equity, inclusion, and dialogue across JHU campuses and are provided with intensive training on facilitation, bias, cross-cultural understanding, and the history of identities. There are two tiers of SEED educators: Lead and Co-facilitator. See below for the difference within each role.

SEED Educator: Lead
There are 6 paid SEED Lead Educator positions. SEED Lead Educators serve as identity specialists for race and ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion and spirituality, and ability. Each SEED Lead Educator supports and collaborates with identity spaces on campus such as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Women and Gender Resources, LGBTQ Life, Religious and Spiritual Life, International Students @ Hopkins, and Student Disability Services. Previous experience with facilitation and/or diversity education is required.

SEED Educator: Co-facilitator
There are 12 unpaid SEED Co-facilitator positions. SEED Co-facilitators support the SEED team through workshop or training development, campus recruitment, and facilitation. NO previous experience with facilitation and/or diversity education is required.

Both roles will be provided with on-campus training specific to facilitation skills, dialogic techniques, history of bias and assumption, intersectionality, power, privilege, and advocacy.

SEED Training – Requests

SEED standard and custom trainings are available for free to JHU student organizations and are facilitated by 1 SEED Lead educator and 1-2 SEED Co-facilitators. Standard trainings cover a wide variety of intersecting identities and environments, examples can be found below. Custom trainings on specific topics are possible and will require at least 4 weeks notice for development. Participant maximums will vary depending on format, setting, and depth of topic.

Possible SEED Training Topics:
– Antiracism at Hopkins
– Race, Power, and Privilege in Education
– Cross-Cultural Conversations
– Diversity in Neuroscience
– Cultural Appropriation
– Identity Invisibility
– How to have Difficult Conversations
– Talking Politics + U.S. Elections
– Facilitated Group Dialogue
– Collective Impact
– Competitive Oppression
– Womanism + Feminism
– Colonialism
– Prejudice + Preference
– Homelessness
– Toxic Masculinity
– Latinx v. Hispanic v. Spanish
– White Fragility
– Model Minority Myth
– Invisible Disabilities
– Recovering from Mistakes
– Allyship + Advocacy

If you are interested in requesting a SEED training and/or would like consultation on supporting a sustained approach to diversity, equity and inclusion work, please complete the request form below and a SEED lead educator or the SEED advisor will be in touch with you.

SEED Diversity Education Request Form

For questions about this initiative, contact SEED educators at or the SEED staff advisor at