Hopkins Parents Council

Parents smiling with their Blue Jay

Hopkins Parents Council Chairs


Bob and Jane Polansky P’19, Minnetonka, MN

A Message from the Chairs

We are very excited to lead the family volunteer and giving efforts for Johns Hopkins University. Whether you are new Class of 2023 parents or like us—seasoned Blue Jay parents with our son beginning his 5th year as a WSE graduate student, we want you to know that parents are highly valued and important members of the Hopkins family!

The Parents Programs and Giving office and the Hopkins Parents Council are here to assist and partner with you on your family’s extraordinary journey. We encourage you to fully integrate into the university community and get involved to create and enrich your own parallel Hopkins experience. We suggest:

As fellow parents, we share a common interest in wanting the best and most rewarding Hopkins experience for all Blue Jays. Your impactful support and participation will ensure that happens. We look forward to meeting you and partnering to make this academic year the very best it can be.

– Bob and Jane

Program Chairs


Hopkins Parents Fund Chairs: Michael and Elizabeth Bacon P’22, New York, NY
Parents Internship Network Chairs: Gary and Kathy Bedard P’21, Frisco, TX

Class Co-Chairs

Class of 2020

Daniel and Inge’81 Damstra P’20, Newton Square, PA

Class of 2021

Jonathan and Nancy Lurie P’21, Los Angeles, CA

Class of 2022

Sandeep and Purvi Kunwar P’22, Woodside, CA
Alan Pardee and Sally Morris, P’22, New York, NY

Class of 2023




  • Manuel Abdala and Alexandra Arata P’18, P’20 Potomac, MD
  • Misbah and Hind Ahdab P’15, P’22 Chevy Chase, MD
  • Frank An and Shau Zhang, P’22, Wayland, MA
  • Tizzy Bannister P’20 New York, NY
  • Lauri Benton ’88, P’22, Redmond, WA
  • David and Mary Boroughs P’22 Houston, TX
  • David Caplan and Karen Wagner P’20 New York, NY
  • Weiqi Ding and Taya Zhou P’21 Freemont, CA
  • James Goldrick P’22 New York, NY
  • Hector and Liliana Goncalves P’21 Miami, FL
  • Tim and Alida Hanson P’21 Brookline, MA
  • Kip Howlett ’67, P’22 McLean, VA
  • Stephen and Joanne Jones P’20 Bronxville, NY
  • Ejaz and Saba Kamboj P’21 Las Vegas, NV
  • Robert Kenet and Stephanie Seligman P’22 New York, NY
  • David and Tina Kind P’23 Winter Park, FL
  • Carol and Glenn Lew P’19 Laguna Hills, CA
  • Michael and Irina Merport P’22 Sharon, MA
  • Carter and Tania Neild P’21 Bronxville, NY
  • Scott and Terry Pavlak P’22 Watchung, NJ
  • Monica Penner and Amnon Gires P’21 La Jolla, CA
  • Andy and Kirsten Pitts P’21 Greenwich, CT
  • Massimo and Farla Russo P’20 Brookline, MA
  • Peter and Meme Scherr P’22 San Francisco, CA
  • Steve Shen and Kathy Xie P’22 Beijing, China
  • Chris and Elizabeth Steele P’20 Houston, TX
  • John and Marcy Sznewajs P’21 Bloomfield, MI
  • Bruce Tobey and Rae Sanchini P’20 Los Angeles, CA
  • Michael and Jill Toporek P’22 New York, NY
  • Nina Urban ’82, P’21 Washington, DC
  • Manny and Alex Vera P’22 Miami, FL
  • Patrick Weyer and Ling Zhang P’21 Medfield, MA
  • Morris Wheeler and Joanne Cohen P’21 Shaker Heights, OH
  • David Yeh and Qian Wang P’19 Mercer Island, WA

Vitcov familyThe Hopkins Parents Council has paved the way for us to network with other Blue Jay Families. The work of the HPC provides students with an array of extracurricular activities, ways to build camaraderie, develop skills outside of the classroom, and get a break from their busy academic lives. How could we not want to be a part of that?
Steve Vitcov and Ruby Ghadially P’17

Parents Programs and Giving Contacts