In the case of medical and dental school applicants who are or were undergraduates of Whiting and Krieger Schools, the Office prepares a Committee Letter to accompany individual letters of recommendation. The Committee Letter presents a composite of the applicant’s accomplishments, individual strengths, attributes and competencies.

To be eligible for a Committee Letter, the prospective applicant must:

  • Be scheduled to or have completed their undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Have been enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student for a minimum of four semesters at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Have completed a minimum of four premedical science courses (biology, chemistry, and physics) while at Johns Hopkins University. This does not include AP coursework.
  • Have accumulated a record of advising through the Pre-Professional Office.
  • Meet the submission deadlines as established by the Pre-Professional Office.

Undergraduates and alumni of the Whiting and Krieger Schools who are pursuing careers in health professions other than medicine and dentistry (e.g., nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and public health) are provided full advising services. Applying to these other health professions does not involve a Committee Letter.