Freshman Year

  • Start by taking classes you are interested in. Be sure to explore a variety of different majors and fields. Keep in mind that there is no pre-law, preferred, or required major to gain admission to law school.
  • Consider joining the Pre-Law Society, or any organization(s) which addresses your particular interests. Remember that an extracurricular activity may be considered in the admission process if it is something you are passionate about, have committed a significant and longstanding amount of time to, and/or have obtained a leadership position in.
  • Consider a summer opportunity in a legal setting, or in a field in which you think you may pursue in practice as an attorney. You do not have to be an attorney to gain knowledge in a potential field of practice. In fact, gaining experience from various perspectives can only make you a better attorney.
  • Take advantage of programming events offered by this office. Notice of same will be provided via email if you are registered for the pre-law listserv and can be found listed on the office website. Attending office programming events in various practice areas can give you a leg up in different areas of law – to help narrow the field you may eventually pursue, and, more importantly, to open your mind!
  • Make an appointment with Ana L. Droscoski, Esq. to address pre-conceived notions you may have about law school, the application process, and a career in law generally.