Junior Year

  • Study abroad! Studying abroad is a great experience, whether or not you participate in a pre-law focused program. Consider studying in a non-English speaking country and becoming fluent in another language. Being multi-lingual is an excellent skill for legal practice and in life!
  • If you did not do so as a Sophomore, consider participating in the Aitchison Public Service Fellowship in Government Program.
  • Consider taking time off before entering law school. The average age of a first year law student is 25 – you would be in good company! Taking a year or 2 off can actually bolster your law school application, as you will have all 4 years of grades to submit for consideration, as opposed to 3. Additionally, time off will provide the opportunity to explore a field you may be interested in, be it within the legal practice realm or not, which will bolster your resume. At this time, begin exploring opportunities to apply to and pursue upon graduation.


  • Request recommendation letters from faculty members, employers, etc. Most law schools require at least two general letters of recommendation. Although LSAC will hold up to 4 general letters, we recommend you obtain 3, preferably from faculty members. Provide each person writing a recommendation with the information and items required by LSDAS and this office. Most schools are now participating in the LSDAS Letter of Recommendation (LOR) process. LOR requires a Letter of Recommendation Form to be completed by each recommender and mailed directly to LSDAS with each recommendation letter. A copy of the letter of recommendation and a completed Law Professions Recommendation Waiver Form should be forwarded to this office. Be sure to use the Recommendation Guidelines and Law Professions Recommendation Waiver Form.
  • Sign-up for the June LSAT well before the May deadline. This is the preferred test date.
  • Prepare thoroughly for the LSAT. Your LSAT score is probably the most persuasive factor in your law school application – take the test seriously, and make every effort to do the best that you can!
  • Register with LSDAS per the instructions in the LSAT/LSDAS registration bulletin or on the website: www.lsac.org . Forward your spring transcript to LSDAS. If paying by check, be sure to write on your check exactly what it is for, and keep the canceled check when you get it back. If you pay by credit card, note the date and amount to check against your bill.


  1. Take the June LSAT!
  2. Forward your Spring transcript to LSDAS.
  3. Research information about law schools you are interested. Refer to “Law School Admissions Statistics” to start. Make an appointment with Ana L. Droscoski, Esq. to discuss important items of consideration when selecting law schools to apply.