Sophomore Year

  • Consider participating in the Aitchison Public Service Fellowship in Government Program.
  • If you did not do so freshmen year, consider a summer opportunity in a legal setting, or in a field in which you think you may pursue in practice as an attorney. Working in a legal setting will provide greater exposure to the profession, allowing you to witness a “day in the life” of an attorney – giving you a better idea of whether or not it is for you.
  • Consider Studying Abroad your Junior or Senior year. Planning for this experience should begin this year. Meet with the Lori Citti, Ph.D., Director of International Programs to ensure that all required procedure is met. If you are interested in pre-law specific study abroad programs, meet with Ana L. Droscoski, Esq. to receive recommendations and receive a copy of Word Document: Pre-Law Focused Study Abroad Programs.
  • Consider pursuing an internship during the school year in a field that you are interested. Experience in a work setting can be a more multi-dimensional experience than a class setting, can bolster your resume, and render you more marketable for future positions.
  • Attend programming events. Event notice will be provided via the office’s pre-law listserv, if you are registered, and can be found listed on the office’s website.