First-Year Planning Checklist

  1. Sign up for the Pre-Health Listserv. You are likely already on the list, but if you are not, visit the website to sign up to receive emails sent to “jhugradyear20##health” (## = your class year).
  2. Attend Pre-Health 101. You must first attend this small group meeting before you can schedule an individual advising appointment. To schedule Pre-Health 101, please click on our Appointments link.
  3. Explore Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities.
  4. Explore Research Opportunities that are right for you.
  5. Consider Studying Abroad. Find out how to incorporate study abroad into your academic planning.
  6. Consider Other Health Professions before committing too early to a single one.
  7. Work to develop strong Science Study Skills sooner rather than later. Be aware that the study habits that worked well for you in your high schools year may not necessarily earn strong grades in college.
  8. Attend Programs and Events (announced in the eProf-Newsletter sent to the listserv).
  9. Look out for relevant Shadowing Opportunities, Internships, Preceptorships, and Employment in the Health Opportunities Newsletter.
  10. Join us on Facebook.