Pre-Health Peer Leaders

The Pre-Health Peer Leaders are a group of current pre-health upperclassmen who serve as an extension of our advising. They possess diverse personal experiences and have been trained to answer pre-health-related questions. Our Peer Leaders are an invaluable resource to fellow pre-health students who have questions about being a pre-health Blue Jay. Students are able to meet with the Peer Leaders during their designated Sunday afternoon office hours and ask them any questions about their experience. Want to know what it’s like to take Biochemistry the same semester as Physics? Are you wondering how to get clinical experience at the medical campus? They are ready for your questions! Pre-Health 101 does not need to be completed in order to meet with a Peer Leader.

Our Pre-Health Peer Leaders are promoted to students via email at the beginning of each academic semester as well as through our social media all semester long. Follow along on Instagram @jhuprehealth.

The Pre-Health Peer Leaders aims to enrich pre-med/pre-health related support from the Office of Pre-Professional Programs and Advising as an adjunct to one-on-one consultations with a Pre-Professional Advisor.

For questions about the Pre-Health Peer Leaders, please email