Medical Tutorials

Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce that Medical Tutorials will merge into the Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Research (HOUR) and ForagerOne starting in the spring 2021 semester. This merger is necessary in order to more efficiently and effectively serve our faculty and pre-health undergraduate populations through research. ForagerOne is HOUR’s platform enabling students and faculty to connect across all university divisions and departments like never before.” Through ForagerOne, students will now have a centralized location to find a myriad of research opportunities at JHU.

Students will be able to:

  • Access a year-round list of robust research opportunities (including summers and Intersession).
  • Choose from multiple opportunities across the Hopkins Enterprise, including the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health.
  • Select the type of research that interest and excites you most (clinical, wet lab, biomedical, engineering and more).
  • Search for volunteer, credit, or paid opportunities.
  • Save resumes and other requested documents in one place for easy access.

Getting started is easy! Visit ForagerOne to create your profile and begin exploring available opportunities. For further instructions see Creating a Student Profile on ForagerOne. For great tips to finding research, contacting faculty, funding projects, ForagerOne and more, visit the HOUR website or email If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please review the PDF Document: FAQ’s. If after reviewing the FAQ’s you have any additional questions, please email the Medical Tutorials team at

Pre-Professional Advising and the Medical Tutorials Team