Student Health Benefits

Coronavirus Update from Cigna:

If you are a Cigna customer, they will waive all co-pays and cost-shares for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing as recommended by your health care provider. Please click here for more information.

It is policy of Johns Hopkins University that all full-time students in the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering maintain adequate health insurance coverage to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses.

As a full-time student, you will be automatically enrolled in the university’s student-sponsored health benefits plan, and the plan premium will be charged to your university student account, unless proof of comparable health insurance is provided for students eligible to waive.

If you have private insurance coverage comparable to the university plan, then you may be eligible to submit a waiver request form via the Student Information System (SIS) during the open-enrollment period from July 1st to September 15th. Please be aware that a waiver request form must be submitted each academic year regardless if your insurance information has changed or not.

Open Enrollment Dates & Deadlines

The open-enrollment period will begin on July 1st and end on September 15th each academic year.
Waivers can only be accepted during open enrollment and will not be accepted after September 15th.

International Students

All international students with a F1 or J1 Visa status are ineligible to waive and are required to purchase the university plan.

Student Athletes

  • Be sure you are aware of the Athletic Medical Insurance Policy before waiving coverage.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the student athlete and his/her family to verify that their insurance plan meets the criteria set forth and to alert the athletic training department if there are any changes to their insurance coverage.
  • JHU will not cover any expenses generated by insurance coverage that does not meet the waiver criteria.

Plan Details

Details about the student health benefit plan offered by the university will be available soon.

To locate the nearest hospital or health care provider who is part of the Cigna PPO Network, visit the Cigna website or contact CHP at (877) 657-5044.

For information regarding the new vision plan and dental plan options available to students, please visit the Student Health Benefits Plan page on the JHU benefits site, or contact

Additional resources and cost of coverage can also be found on the JHU benefits website.

ID Cards

Incoming students: A copy of your Insurance ID card will be available to print through your SIS at the start of the plan period, beginning August 15th.

Continuing students: To print a copy of your current Insurance ID card for the plan period during open enrollment, visit Online ID Card Login.

Online Waiver Instructions

Follow these steps to waive out of the university insurance plan (during open enrollment only, the deadline to submit a waiver is September 15th):

  • Log into your SIS self-service main page
  • Select the “Personal Info” menu
  • Choose “Student Insurance Benefits” from the dropdown
  • Select “Click here to go to Health Insurance Screen”
  • Click on the “Waive Health Insurance” link, which will take you to the waiver processing page

Note: If the waiver request form meets all waiver criteria and is accepted then you will be waived for the entire plan period. Contact the Office of the Registrar if your insurance coverage changes during the academic year.

Please be aware that a waiver request form must be submitted each academic year regardless if your insurance information has changed or not.

If you do not complete a waiver or the waiver submitted has been denied, you will remain enrolled in the Student Health Benefits Plan and your student account will be charged for individual coverage. No exceptions to the waiver criteria will be made.


Answers to frequently asked questions are listed on the “Health Insurance” page of your SIS self-service account. You may contact with additional questions regarding enrollment in student health plan. Concerns regarding enrollment in the student vision and dental plans should be directed to