Campus Religious and Spiritual Advisors

Religious & Spiritual Life Advisory Board

Members of the Religious & Spiritual Life Advisory Board are committed to the holistic development of Johns Hopkins University and recognize their mission to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and ethical journeys of the JHU community. They are an integral part of the life of this university. They are a group of individuals devoted to a distinctive religious calling, dedicated to serving those in their own tradition, yet also called to engage the search for meaning in a challenging and competitive academic setting. Though they may claim beliefs different from one another, they nevertheless stand together with conviction that their work and service at JHU enkindle respect for the integrity and dignity of each individual. Though they claim different traditions, they are willing to bring wisdom of those traditions to bear on the complex and profoundly necessary discourse about public values taking place in the university, Baltimore City, the nation, and the world.


Fr. Mannes Matous, OP | Catholic |

Rabbi Eric L. Abbott | Jewish (Reform) |

Rabbi Don Cantor | Jewish (Orthodox) |

Rabbi Zev Gopin | Jewish (Chabad) |

Fr. Dean Moralis | Orthodox Christian |

Trevor Bullock | Orthodox Christian |

Rev. Jenn DiFrancesco | Presbyterian |

Rev. Sandra Carlson Alexis | Lutheran |

Rev. Adriene Breckenridge | AME-Methodist |

Rev. Josh Raskin | Baptist |

Rev. Allen Jiang | Interdenominational Christian |

Ellie Roper | Evangelical Non-denominational Christian |

Natalie Guajardo | Evangelical Non-denominational Christian |