CIIP Intern Application

The 2020 Community Impact Internships Program application is open!

We will be accepting applications until Sunday, December 29.

Thank you for your interest in the Community Impact Internships Program! Before you begin the application, be aware of the following:

  1. There are multiple short answer and essay questions (see below) that require thought, preparation, and planning. Unfortunately, once you begin your application, you do not have the ability to “save” it. We strongly encourage you to write your short answer and essay questions in advance so you an easily “cut and paste” them into the application below.
  2. You are required to submit a resume. We encourage CIIP applicants to polish their draft resumes with a member of the Life Design Lab team before applying to the program.
  3. Interns are grouped together based on ten different placement areas. In the application, you will prioritize your placement area of choice. We will do our best to pair you with your priority placement areas but cannot guarantee placements.
  4. Successful first-round applicants will be required to attend an all-day interview event on Saturday, February 8th. You will be notified of your status on Tuesday, January 21st.

Placement Areas

1. Community Arts Programs6. Immigration/Refugee Services
2. Education/Youth Programming and Advocacy7. Neighborhood Improvement/Community Organizing
3. Environment and Sustainability/Food Access8. Nonprofit Management and Development
4. Healthcare/Health Policy9. Policy/Law/Government
5. Homelessness/Poverty10. Women/Family Wellness

Have questions? Learn more about becoming a CIIP intern or contact Eli Lopatin, Assistant Director of Civic Leadership at the Center for Social Concern.

Community Impact Internships Program Application

Community Impact Internships Program Intern Application

Contact Information

Campus Address

Your Interests

Other Information

The Center for Social concern values diversity and inclusion in all of our programming. We are collecting the following, optional demographic information to better understand the backgrounds of individuals applying to CIIP.

Part I. Short Responses (answer each of the following questions in 200 words or less)

Part II. Essay Questions (Please respond to each question in 500 words or less)

Part III. Additional Materials

Optional: please list a JHU staff or faculty member that can be used as a reference for this position.
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB

Sign Below:

I understand that the JHU Community Impact Internships Program takes place from June 1st (for a week-long CIIP Orientation) through July 31st, 2020. I will be able to work 35 hours/week for the internship period and will not work an additional paid position of more than 10 hours a week. I understand that committing to this program will be my main priority for this summer and I may not be able to fit preferred classes into my summer schedule. Permission to enroll in classes during your internship period must be obtained from the Assistant Director of Civic Leadership. Additionally, I will attend weekly evening reflection sessions, cohort events, and a closing session on July 31st.

By signing below, I acknowledge and agree to this statement.

First round decisions will be released on Tuesday, January 21st. Accepted students will be required to attend an all day interview event on Saturday, February 8th. If you have conflicts on that date, please contact the Assistant Director of Civic Leadership at