Reimbursement Request Form


Your treasurer MUST sign the back of EVERY receipt that you upload in the form below. You MUST bring ALL original signed receipts with you to the CSC in order to pick up your Petty Cash Voucher.

In response to student requests for a more streamlined system, the Center for Social Concern has moved its process for requesting reimbursements online. Read more below and submit a Reimbursement Request through Hopkins Groups.

Important Reimbursement Information

  • The Reimbursement Request Form can only be used for expenses less than $100.
  • You may submit multiple receipts as long as the total to be reimbursed is under $100.
  • All reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the date of the expense (the date on the receipt).
  • The university will not reimburse for sales tax.
  • The treasurer of your student group must sign the back of your original receipt(s).
  • If you have a single receipt for more than $100, you will need to visit the CSC in person to have your reimbursement processed

Learn more about the CSC’s Reimbursement Policy on its Forms and Policies page. If there is a problem with your reimbursement request, the CSC staff will contact you.

Have questions or concerns? If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about how to improve this process, please email us at, subject: Reimbursement Request Process Feedback. We appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks with this new process!