Frequently Asked Questions

The Center for Social Concern is excited for your interest in HopServe50! We understand you may have some additional questions about the challenge. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Still have questions? Contact or call (410) 516-4777.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Any JHU Homewood undergraduate or graduate student can participate in HopServe50. Homewood campus includes students enrolled in programs in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the Peabody Institute, School of Education, and the Carey Business School.

Where can I do my service?

If you need help finding a volunteer opportunity, consider joining a CSC Student Group. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram so we can update you on any new opportunities too!

How do I register for HopServe50 Plus?

Once you hit the milestone of 50 hours, you can continue on to getting 100+ hours. There is not a separate application for HopServe50 Plus.

Can I count time spent shadowing a medical professional?

No, time spent shadowing a medical professional may not be counted as volunteer service.

I have an unpaid research position in my professor’s lab. Does time spent working in the lab count toward my volunteer hours?

No—unpaid academic research positions do not qualify as volunteer service for HopServe50. Time spent conducting non-paid research on behalf of/in partnership with a non-profit, grassroots collective, social enterprise, or local government may be counted for the HopServe50 challenge.

Can I count reflection sessions toward my service hours?

Yes! Up to 10% of your logged HopServe50 hours may be on-campus facilitated reflection sessions. Reflection is a valuable opportunity for you to process the work you are doing and make meaning from your experience. The Center for Social Concern will host facilitated reflection sessions at least weekly throughout the academic year in our building and at other locations on campus. Reflection Facilitators are also available to come to your group’s general body meetings to facilitate reflection for you, or to train you on how to facilitate reflection sessions for your group’s members.

Does attending the Center for Social Concern’s or SLI’s Fall Leadership Conference count?

Yes! We consider your growth as a leader as part of your service hours.

Does transportation to/from my service activity count?

Yes, up to one of hour of transportation time counts as part of your service hours.

Does the time I spend completing my CSC paperwork count as service hours?

No. Completing CSC paperwork (e.g., registering for Track it Forward, CSC Path Training, etc.) is mandatory for all CSC student volunteers and the time spent completing these requirements may not be counted as service hours.

I’m really busy this year, can I do HopServe50 next year?

We highly encourage all students who might be interested in the HopServe50 Challenge to participate! There aren’t any penalties for not achieving 50 hours and there are numerous short-term volunteer opportunities available throughout the year that don’t require lots of commitment. You could participate in the President’s Day of Service, or join an Alternative Break and complete some of your hours during intersession, spring break, or spring weekend. There is plenty of support available to help you find ways to fit service into your schedule! Read more about the CSC’s volunteer opportunities and programs here.

I’m studying abroad, can I still participate?

Absolutely! Students who are studying abroad during the fall or spring semester may still participate in the challenge if they register for HopServe50 on Track it Forward.

How do I log my hours?

All students need to create a profile and log their service hours in Track it Forward. Directions can be found on the HopServe50 Logging Service Hours page.

Please remember to log your hours weekly!

Do volunteer training/preparation activities count towards my hours?

Yes, any orientation/preparation activities can be logged as service hours.

Can this count for credit?

That’s up to your academic department. However, please keep in mind that the CSC encourages you to participate in the HopServe50 Challenge for other reasons. We 110% understand that your academics are the reason why you are at Hopkins, but know that there are other skills (other than receiving academic credits) that you will learn from the HopServe50 challenge and maybe, just maybe, skills that you can build on throughout your career at Hopkins and beyond. We are confident that you will learn about different communities, different people, and things about yourself that you weren’t expecting. There is a greater good that will come from this experience above and beyond academic credit! Give it a try!