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Virtual Volunteering Guidance

If your are looking for a student group that is not listed in the staff advisor and student group list below, please contact

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Staff Name and EmailStudent Group NameCERAC Commissioner Name Name
Annette RamseurAnnette Ramsuer

Campus Kitchen at Johns Hopkins University

Hopkins for the Elderly Student Group

United Mission for Relief and Development

Chelsea Goffe
Andrea Guillen
headshot of Astoria EdwardsAstoria Edwards

American Red Cross Corps.

Heart and Stroke Awareness at Hopkins

Medical Interpretation and Translation Initiative

Parafencing Club

Splash at JHU
Adam Atman
Adam Atman
Chelsea Goffe
Adam Atman
Trinity Flynn
headshot of Daon McLarin JohnsonDaon McLarin Johnson
Encore Music Program

JHU Pet and Animal Welfare Club

Project Prevent

Visionaries Lions Club
Trinity Flynn
Andrea Guillen
Adam Atman
Chelsea Goffe
headshot of Eli LopatinEli Lopatin

Alzheimer's Foundation of America at Johns Hopkins University

Cooking 4 Love

Hopkins Students Against Homelessness

Hopkins Undergraduates for Harm Reduction

Remington Outreach

Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment
Chelsea Goffe


Adam Atman
Sooyeon Park
Chelsea Goffe
headshot of Gerrod WilliamsonGerrod A. M. Williamson
Baltimore First

Believe in Art

Best Buddies at JHU

Habitat for Humanity at Johns Hopkins University

Jail Tutorial Project


Andrea Guillen
Sooyeon Park

Trinity Flynn
Andrea Guillen
headshot of Kelly MiloKelly Milo
Circle K at Johns Hopkins University

Hopkins Community Connection Student Group

Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program

Stepping Out

Sooyeon Park
Chelsea Goffe
Adam Atman
Chelsea Goffe
Sooyeon Park
headshot of Margaret HartMargaret Hart
Center for Educational Outreach
Whiting School of Engineering

Applying Science with Kids

Baltimore Robotics Institute

Bootup Baltimore

Charm City Science League

Maryland Science Olympiad at JHU

Ready, Set, Design!
Serena Chan
Serena Chan
Serena Chan
Serena Chan
Serena Chan
Serena Chan
headshot of Misti McKeehenMisti McKeehen
Alpha Phi Omega

Camp Kesem at Johns Hopkins University
Andrea Guillen
Trinity Flynn
headshot of Gerrod WilliamsonGerrod A. M. Williamson

Advocates for Baltimore Community Health

Art Brigade

Food as Medicine


Sharing Languages

United Against Inequities in Disease
Chelsea Goffe
Andrea Guillen
Trinity Flynn
Chelsea Goffe
Trinity Flynn
Chelsea Goffe
headshot of Whitney JohnsonWhitney Johnson
Hop Outside


Real Food at Hopkins

Students United for America's Toothfairy

The Alliance for Clean Water

Trinity Flynn
Trinity Flynn

Adam Atman

headshot of Young SongYoung Song

Project Finish to Start

Tutorial Project, Johns Hopkins

YO! Baltimore Tutoring Project

Youth Library Tutorial

Hop Help Tutoring

Special Olympics
Sooyeon Park
Sooyeon Park
Sooyeon Park
Sooyeon Park
Sooyeon Park
Adam Atman

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Homewood Student Affairs is providing the following guidance specific to registered student organizations that are interested in participating in volunteer or service opportunities during the fall 2020 semester:

  • Until further notice, Homewood student organizations should not be participating in or prioritizing in-person service-based opportunities to best protect against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Students that are interested in serving local Baltimore-based organizations or existing partners are encouraged to do so through virtual volunteerism in coordination with that organization’s leadership and expressed needs.
  • Student organizations are encouraged to utilize Hopkins Engage and participate in existing initiatives organized by partner organizations rather than creating new initiatives to be conscious of partner capacity and expressed need.
  • Any student organization participating in volunteerism is asked to track participant service hours through the Hopkins Engage platform. The university is working with partner organizations to post any volunteer opportunities on that platform.
  • All CSC student organizations must contact their staff advisor before participating in volunteer or service opportunities to ensure proper protocol is followed.
    • If the student organization will be working with minors, student leader must submit a roster of members’ names and JHU emails to
    • The members will be assigned the AY21 CSC Student Organizations & Programs working w/minors requirement Track in Hopkins Groups.

In order to best support the community partner agencies in and around Baltimore, Students or Student Organizations seeking community service opportunities are asked to leverage Hopkins Engage and/or connect with the Center for Social Concern prior to outreach to organizations. Currently, nonprofit organizations are varied in their ability to facilitate volunteer experiences and are navigating their own staffing in light of COVID-19. To be a good partner, we as JHU affiliates, are working to ensure they get the best support that they need at this time.

Have questions regarding re-registration plans for the 2020-2021 academic year? Contact

If you are unsure about committing to a student group, learn more about the CSC’s other programs.

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2020-2021 CSC Student Organization FAQ

General Questions

What is my student group’s budget for the academic year 2020-2021?

Due to COVID-19, This academic year no student group will be awarded an annual allocation. However, funding is available for approved group activities and projects. To request funding, students will need to submit a Virtual Service Grant Request form. Read additional FAQ below: “Our student group is interested in virtual volunteering but we need funding. What do we do?”

Our student group is interested in virtual volunteering but we need funding. What do we do?

Due to COVID-19 all service projects for student groups are required to be virtual this academic year. This in mind, there is no expectation that student groups host any service activities this academic year, nor will a group be penalized for not partaking in service. Pivoting service models to a virtual setting will require thinking outside of the box and innovation. If your student group is able to create a service activity with a community partner, please submit a Virtual Service Approval form via Hopkins Groups.

Submit Virtual Service Approval form

General Funding Guidelines

This academic year no student group will be awarded an annual allocation. Instead, any group that needs a budget to complete a service activity should apply for a Virtual Service Grant. Grants may be applied for until April 16, 2021 for the spring semester. A group should only apply for a grant if an activity has been confirmed and approved, and will need a budget to actualize. Your group may host a virtual service activity without being awarded a grant.

Funding requests are limited and will be determined by specific activity or project proposal in consultation with the Civic Engagement Recognition and Allocations Commission throughout the year and on a rolling basis.

Commissioners will be responsible for (1) supporting student groups, (2) allocating funding, (3) recognizing productive and ethical service. The Commission consists of student commissioners and CSC staff members.

Requests will be evaluated and awarded based on the proposal submitted and community identified need. Funding will not be allocated to student groups, projects, or activities for marketing giveaways, food, travel, or honoraria. To apply for a Virtual Service Grant, log into your student organization’s page on Hopkins Groups > click “Money” (left side navigation)> Budgeting > Create Budget Request > CSC Virtual Service Grant Proposal

How to make a Grant Request in Hopkins Groups

We encourage you to touch base with your commissioner and advisor to have them review and provide feedback on the grant prior to it’s submission . This process could take approximately 10-14 days, so please plan accordingly.

Log onto Hopkins Groups and Request Funding

Purchase Orders and Reimbursements

Groups who are awarded funding, must work with the Center for Social Concern to make any purchase(s) as we are not able to reimburse students at this time.

While we continue to follow university COVID-19 guidelines, student groups are required to serve virtually and cannot travel and serve in person. Students may not use Lyft or Hop Vans.

Due to COVID-19, our student group cannot serve this semester or year. Will this impact our status and future re-registration?

A student group may choose not to be active during AY20-21 due to current extenuating circumstances. This decision will not impact recognized CSC group status or future re-registration. CSC staff may also advise a temporary discontinuation in service if group projects and activities are not viable or in accordance to community partner interest during COVID-19.

I want to start a new service-oriented student group on campus, but I’m not sure how to start.

Due to COVID-19, unfortunately, the CSC is not accepting new student groups at this time. However, we encourage you to join a current CSC student group or Log into Hopkins Engage to view community identified projects and opportunities.

If you are have a project or activity that you are interested in supporting and need funding, please contact to speak with staff member.

What’s the fundraising policy? Can our student group fundraise?

Center for Social Concern student groups may hold fundraising campaigns to benefit nonprofit organizations but encourage our student groups to consider whether alternative methods of serving a community partner might be more beneficial.

Approval Process

  1. The charity/organization must be approved by the CSC before proceeding with the fundraiser. We are unable to donate to international organizations unless they have a domestic partner who can receive the donation.
  2. Paperwork to get the charity/organization into the JHU vendor system (for payment purposes) must be completed before the event/fundraiser.
  3. Alternatively, we strongly encourage you to work with your community partner and the Center for Social Concern to leverage Hopkins Engage
    and affiliate with the CSC and your student group. Fundraising can be done directly through their organization’s GivePulse page.

What do we do with our money?

All fundraiser cash and checks will need to be coordinated with and taken to the Center for Social Concern for deposit within 3-5 business days. As a reminder, student groups are not allowed to use Venmo, PayPal, Kickstarter, or similar platforms to conduct group business, including collecting donations for fundraisers. Please contact your staff advisor prior to fundraising money to ensure we can receive deposit funds in a timely matter. Due to COVID-19, staff are working remote and not in the office.

What is the reimbursement and purchasing policy?

Students cannot be reimbursed or make purchases at this time. Read the “Our student group is interested in virtual volunteering but we need funding. What do we do?” FAQ above for additional information.

Child Safety Training and Checklist Questions

Our student group will be virtually volunteering with minors. Is there anything we need to do?

The Center for Social Concern and Homewood Student Affairs have created many policies that help provide framework and structure for the students who are involved in our programs, that will continue during COVID-19.

Hopkins Groups Checklist

CSC Student Organization members that are volunteering virtually with minors must complete the AY21 CSC Student Organizations working w/minors requirement checklist in Hopkins Groups (note: Path Training is no longer required). The checklist requires members to complete child safety training and be background checked before service can begin per JHU’s Safety of Children in University Programs Policy.

Student leaders who need to add members to the checklist in Hopkins Groups must:

  1. email a complete roster of members (first name, last name, and JHU email) and;
  2. copy their CSC staff advisor, who are serving this academic year to

I am a student leader, how do I verify which members have completed the checklist?

Student leaders can request a report by emailing The report will only be provided twice a week (Tuesday & Friday). Also, members will receive the following badge in Hopkins Groups.

picture of working with minors badge from Hopkins Groups







I belong to multiple student organizations. Do I need to complete the checklist for each organization?

No, you only need to complete the checklist once. Also, in Hopkins Groups, you will see the following badge indicating that you are working with minors this year:

picture of working with minors badge from Hopkins Groups







Where do I find the AY21 Working with Minors checklist?

If your student leader has not submitted your name to the CSC, please work with them to provide a list to If your student leader has submitted your name to the CSC follow the instructions below:

  1. log-in to Hopkins Groups
  2. complete the CSC’s AY21 Working w/Minors checklist.
    • To locate, use your left navigation bar, and select “My Checklist”

picture of checklist in hopkins groups










What is the JHU suspected abuse or neglect of a child policy?

Those students who are working with children under 18 years of age are required to complete JHU’s online child safety training prior to service. The training discusses your responsibilities of working with children. It will also provide best practices when working with children, describe the different types of child abuse, and JHU’s process of reporting suspected abuse or neglect of a child. This training is completed in Path Training. See FAQ above for additional information to access the training.

Reporting Process

If you need to report suspected abuse or neglect of a child, you need to report it internally to the Office of the General Counsel and externally to Baltimore Child Protective Services within 48 hours of the incident. The Center for Social Concern can assist you with this process. For your reference, both offices contact information is listed below.

Office of the General Counsel
3400 N. Charles Street
Garland 113
Baltimore, MD 21218-2688
Phone: (410) 516-8128

Baltimore Child Protective Services
1525 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Phone: (410) 361-2235 (24 hours)
Fax: (443) 423-7003 or 443-423-7002
After hours fax: (443) 423-5950

Background Check Requirement Questions

How long are my background checks good for and who processes them?

All background checks completed by the CSC will be useful for five years. JHU Partners with Universal Background Screening, Inc., you will receive an email from Please click the link and complete all required questions as soon as possible.

Is there a cost for background checks?

No, the CSC will be covering the expense of background cost fees for CSC student organizations.

I belong to multiple student organizations. Do I need to have a background check completed for each organization?

No, all background checks completed will be good for five years. Also, in Hopkins Groups, you will see the following badge indicated your background check:

picture of background check badge from Hopkins Groups







Our community partner wants volunteers to be fingerprinted for service this year. What do our members need to do?

Email and provide contact information of the community partner and description of service being provided this academic year. Please copy your advisor on this communication. The CSC will work with the community partner regarding JHU policies.