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Are you a member of a Center for Social Concern student initiative? If so, consider taking a Lyft ride to/from your service site(s). Before completing the Lyft Ride Code Request form below, you MUST read the frequently asked Lyft ride questions. If you are ready to request a Lyft ride code, submit the form below. After completing this form, Ro Gambino, Program Specialist at Lyft, will email you with a Lyft ride code within 3-5 business days, which can be used by all members of your student service initiative to travel to/from the submitted service site(s).


Still have questions? Contact Nairuti Shastry, CSC Student Leadership & Development Coordinator.

Lyft Ride Code Requests

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Lyft Ride Information

Please enter all information accurately so it does not cause any delay.
All Lyft ride codes should be formatted as CSC (initials of your Student Initiative)(semester indicated as S/F followed by the year). For example, a Lyft ride code name for Relay for Life in the Spring 2019 semester would be: CSCRFLS2019.
Please enter the total number of students in your initiative.
NOTE: Unless previously approved, all codes for the Spring 2019 semester will begin on Monday, January 28 and be terminated on Friday, May 3, 2019.
NOTE: If your amount per code exceeds your 2018-2019 transportation budget allocation, your code will NOT be approved.
NOTE: All rides must start and end at the Center for Social Concern (3103 N Charles St Baltimore, MD 21218). If you have multiple locations, please separate them with a semicolon.