Splash at JHU

Splash Registration

Splash at JHU is on February 24, 2018. Registration opens on January 1st!

Splash at JHU is launched a new educational outreach program in February 2017 to Baltimore City high school students for free! That’s right, courses are free and open to any Baltimore City high schooler in grades 9-12. All courses are taught by JHU students and are on topics that are near and dear to their hearts. Take a day to come to campus, learn something new, and meet new friends!

If you are looking to LEARN, TEACH, or HELP OUT, read more below on how to get involved with Splash!

Have questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact jhusplash@gmail.com.


For one day in February, any Baltimore City high school student in grades 9-12 can come to the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus and take free classes taught by undergraduate JHU students on essentially anything. Ever wanted to learn economics, the art of swing dance, or be Einstein for a day? Curious about multi-variable calculus or the feminism of Parks and Rec and 30 Rock? We are confident that Splash at JHU has the class for you!

About this Opportunity

Splash provides local high schoolers with the opportunity to:

  • come to Hopkins for the day and meet college students who were in your very same shoes of trying to figure out what their next step was after high school!
  • get you excited about learning!
  • have fun with fellow students who have your similar interests!
  • learn about something completely new and/or gain a more in depth knowledge of a specific topic!
  • meet some new friends!

Become a Splash Student

To become a Splash student, you will need to have a parent/guardian complete JHU’s Liability and Image waiver forms (coming soon) by February 23. Please send the completed signed forms to jhusplash@gmail.com or bring the signed copies with you. We discourage parents from sitting in during your classes and that’s intentional. We want this day to be about you and for you to experience a realistic classroom environment for learning. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, we will make the appropriate arrangements as needed.

Every Splash student will need to create a Splash user account. Fill in the appropriate information to create an account, and start signing up for classes! It’s as easy as that!

Register Now

Important Information

In order to be prepared for the day, below is some information about, JHU’s liability waiver policy, check-in, lunch, and directions/parking.

Liability Waiver

Every student must have a parent/guardian submit a JHU Liability Waiver. Unfortunately, if a waiver is not submitted by email or brought with you on February 23, you are not able to participate in Splash.


Check-in will be held at (LOCATION TBD) and is required before taking classes. It will be open for the entire duration of Splash. You will receive your schedule for the day and have the option of buying a t-shirt for $15. They can be purchased on a first come first serve basis.

Check-in will begin at 8 AM. Be aware that although the first classes start at 9 AM, lines may be long, so we recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your first class.


Lunch will be held from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in (LOCATION TBD). Pizza will be provided free of charge for all registered students, or you may bring your own lunch. You may not go off campus to buy your own lunch. Please contact Splash at JHU if you have any dietary restrictions, severe allergies, or concerns.


If using directions from an online map service (i.e. Google Maps) or GPS, use the following address:

3101 Wyman Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21211

Visitor parking is available in the South Garage, located beneath Mason Hall.


JHU Splash is continuously looking for JHU students who are interested in teaching courses! The best part about teaching for Splash is that you can pick any subject that fascinates you! You can even teach more than one course as long as there are no scheduling conflicts. You also have the ability to teach multiple sections of the same class (up to 3), which is useful for discussion classes.

About this Opportunity

Teaching at Splash provides you with the opportunity to:

  • make an impact on our Baltimore City community!
  • build your professional skills that can be added to your resume.
  • take a break from the library and get a chance to meet high school students who were in our very same shoes a short time ago; help them figure out what their next step will be after high school!
  • get some great local high schoolers excited about learning, like us!
  • have fun for the day with a great group of students and fellow Blue Jays!

Teaching experience isn’t necessary, we can train you!

Become a Splash Teacher

To become a teacher, you will need to create a Splash user account. Under “Initial role”, select “Volunteer Teacher”. Then, follow the instructions to register your class. You will then be asked to submit the following information:

  • class time availability
  • teacher biography
  • proposed course information (i.e.-course title, course description, pre-requisites, class size, session length, preferred location, and any other pertinent details)

Keep in mind that classes may be held in academic classrooms or on the quad. Since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded Splash, get some inspiration from MIT since they have an extensive catalog list or view this year’s classes.

Once your course(s) has been selected, it’s important that you meet Splash’s expectations by committing to teach on the specified date/time(s). It is unfair for the students who registered for your classes will affect your ability to teach for us in the future.

If you do not meet these expectations, it is unfair for the students who registered for your class and makes organization difficult for us. Note that not being responsible with respect to your classes will affect your ability to teach for us in the future.

Questions about teaching? Email jhusplash@gmail.com.

Important Information

All JHU Splash Teachers must abide by the Center for Social Concern’s policies. Learn more about the CSC’s Youth Serving Trainings, requirements, and policies.

Splash Teachers must complete the following:

Email jhusplash@gmail.com for more information about how to meet these requirements.

Help Out

Are you a Hopkins student interested in getting involved in Splash? Help out as an on-site volunteer or consider teaching a course! On-site volunteers will be in charge of directing high school students around campus, serving lunch, selling t-shirts, manning the sign-in desk, and monitoring the classes. We need lots of hands to help us so please consider spending a few hours (or the day) with some great Baltimore City high school students who were just like us a short time ago!

Contact jhusplash@gmail.com about helping out or become a member and join Splash at JHU.

About Splash at JHU

Splash is a free educational outreach program to high school students in Baltimore City. One day per year, local high schoolers come to Johns Hopkins University and take classes taught by JHU students. Splash at JHU is a student-organized volunteer group that has hit the ground running in 2016. In between classes and studying, the student volunteers invest many hours of their time into recruiting and training teachers. They are also busy making sure all of the finite details are planned perfectly so every participant has a fun and memorable day on campus!


In 1957, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created an Educational Studies Program to make a difference in their local communities by sharing their knowledge and creativity with local high school students. Over time, programs such as SPLASH have grown and evolved and caught the eye of many other institutions in the United States. Learn more on the MIT Educational Studies Program website.