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Reflection is a crucial component of service and allows critical thought on how your experiences have impacted you individually as well as those that you have served. Please join us and share your personal experiences by:

  • writing a written reflection (for HopServe50 Participants only)
  • attending an on-campus reflection
  • requesting a facilitator for a student group

Learn more about On-Campus Reflection Sessions

Reflection sessions are a way for students with different experiences in service to get together and think critically about the service they’re doing. At the sessions, you have the opportunity to share any service projects you’ve engaged in, talk about why you do service, and what kind of impact it has on you & the Baltimore community. They’re always led by two members of the CSC Student Ambassador Board who have been trained to facilitate these discussions. The Student Ambassador Board members provide questions and structure to the reflection and guide the discussion, but the input for the conversation comes from everyone present.

Each reflection is only an hour long, plus it’s a cool way to meet new people and learn about what other service opportunities are available on campus! There is no written component if you attend a reflection session; it would simply take the place of the written reflection.

You are encouraged to attend multiple reflections (since each one will have new people and therefore new perspectives!) and each session counts toward an hour of HopServe50! Hope to see you there!

Reflection counts towards HopServe50! Keep reading and submit the form below.

On-Campus Reflection Schedule:

An updated schedule will be posted in fall 2017.


Have questions? Contact us at or (410) 516-4777.