29th Street Community Center

2017 Week One: Homelessness, Poverty, & Neighborhood Improvement

LEENA AURORA | 29TH STREET COMMUNITY CENTER What does working in a nonprofit look like? Googling: “does enamel based paint expire?” (spoiler: it can last up to 10 years unopened, and about 2 years opened if stored properly). This Thursday was my first full day at the community center. I…
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2016 Week Two: Neighborhood Improvement

KAETLYN BERNAL – ST. FRANCIS NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER This week, I spent my time getting my lesson plans done for the students in the summer program that begins next week. As my co-teacher and I sat down to review the lesson plans we had made, she mentioned wanting to restructure a…
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2016 Week One: Neighborhood Improvement

CELINE SHANOSKY – STRONG CITY BALTIMORE “The day is as beautiful as we prayed for it to be,” says Ms. Lottie, smiling broadly into a crowd of community members. A drummer taps out a short roll of agreement on his instrument, and the light breeze catches her orange and silver…
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