Art with a Heart

2018 Week 3: Arts

TOBY HARRIS | OPEN WORKS Two weeks away from the start of teen programming, Nacho and I have been busy continuing program development, gathering all of our supplies, staying in touch with our Teen Makers as we prepare for our orientation dates next week while I’ve also continued my time…
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2018 Week 2: Arts

TOBY HARRIS | OPEN WORKS Monday started with some light reprimanding from a few of the participants in the senior sewing class I had worked with in my first week at Open Works. Caught up in meetings and a few smaller projects, I was missed at their last class but…
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2018 Week 1: Arts

TOBY HARRIS | OPEN WORKS Walking away from a packed first week at Open Works, I can’t help but laugh at the comparison some of my new coworkers and I made between myself and a sponge. As in, the way I was trying to take in all the new information…
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