CIIP 2018

2018 Orientation: Government and Policy

SAM SCHATMEYER | CITY COUNCILPERSON ZEKE COHEN After each day of orientation, and especially the opening panel, I thought a lot about the philosophy of the non-profit sector. Councilperson Dorsey (not a part of the first panel, but bear with me) had an anecdote about babies flowing down this river…
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2018 Orientation: Healthcare and Health Policy

ANANYA SARKAR | CHASE BREXTON POWER PROJECT On the morning of the first day of orientation, I was frankly quite nervous. I had to make it to my appointment to the Student Health and Wellness Center and I did not want to be the person who was late on the…
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2018 Orientation: Neighborhood

ALICIA BADEA | RUTH M. KIRK RECREATION CENTER Humility, and the ability to listen. And more importantly, putting that ability into action. Out of all that we touched upon at CIIP Orientation, these two themes have affected me most, in a subtle and almost semi-conscious way, embedding themselves in the…
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2018 Orientation: Nonprofit Management

EMMA MAXWELL | BALTIMORE CORPS Overall I found orientation to be an incredibly valuable experience, but I have to admit that as a rising senior who is interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector post-graduation, the speakers we heard from definitely provoked more than a bit of stress….
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2018 Orientation: Youth and Family Wellness

AUBREY ROLAND | STAR TRACK Upon entering the Great Hall of Levering, I found myself questioning my decision to do a summer internship: “An entire week of training?!”, I thought to myself, “I’m not gonna make it”. It should be noted that I am not someone who enjoys orientations. Having…
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