Joy Wellness Center

2016 Week Three: Healthcare & Health Policy

VICTORIA CHEN – CHASE BREXTON A support group is simultaneously the most vulnerable and the most resilient place. Not only is this a place where people go to share their darkest moments and relive trauma, but it’s also a place of tremendous strength, growth, and community. When I was welcomed…
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2016 Week Two: Healthcare & Health Policy

LUCINDA CHIU – JOY WELLNESS CENTER This week, I have gotten into the routine of various tasks at the Joy Wellness Center. When patients call, I am eager to pick up the phone and find out how I can best help them. I know where files are and am now…
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2016 Week One: Healthcare & Health Policy

VICTORIA CHEN – CHASE BREXTON With a wide smile plastered on my face, I strode nervously into Chase Brexton’s glossy, marble lobby. Despite this being my second year in the program, it’s still equally as nerve-wracking to walk into a new workplace with hundreds of unfamiliar faces. As I reflect…
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