Jubilee Arts

2018 Week 2: Arts

TOBY HARRIS | OPEN WORKS Monday started with some light reprimanding from a few of the participants in the senior sewing class I had worked with in my first week at Open Works. Caught up in meetings and a few smaller projects, I was missed at their last class but…
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2018 Week 1: Arts

TOBY HARRIS | OPEN WORKS Walking away from a packed first week at Open Works, I can’t help but laugh at the comparison some of my new coworkers and I made between myself and a sponge. As in, the way I was trying to take in all the new information…
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2018 Orientation: Arts

NANCY ZHANG | WIDE ANGLE YOUTH MEDIA Orientation. Upon hearing the word, my body filled with dread. I thought I had left those days behind along with my freshman self and yet, almost two years later, I would have to face it all over again. Then, I went through the…
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