Tutorial Project Bus Form

Thank you for your interest in the Tutorial Project! Upon completion of a PDF Document: Tutorial application, correspondence with a Tutorial staff member, and acceptance to the program, have you determined if your child will need bus transportation from his/her school to Tutorial? If so, please submit the Bus Form and complete the additional requirements listed below. If you will be providing transportation, complete the “Car Form”.

Have questions? Contact the Tutorial Project office at at (410) 516-7673 or email tutorial@jhu.edu if you have any additional questions.


There are required forms that need to be completed before your child can participate in the Tutorial Project. Review and submit the additional required forms below.

Tutorial Project_Bus Form

Center for Social Concern Tutorial Project Permission Bus Form

This form must be completed by a parent/guardian since child is under 18 years of age.

Child's Contact Information

Child's Home Address

Child's Health Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Non-Parent/Non-Guardian Contact Information

In the event a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the Tutorial staff will contact the additional emergency contacts listed below. Note: the emergency contacts listed below will be permitted to pick up your child from the University or your child's bus stop. Please provide the most accurate information so the appropriate people can be contacted. Please list at least two emergency contacts who are non-parents/non-guardians. In the event none of the parties below can be reached, your child will remain with the Tutorial Project Director on campus and must be picked up as soon as possible. If your child is not picked up after a reasonable amount of time has passed, the Tutorial Project Director will be forced to call Baltimore City Police and/or Child Protective Services.

Tutorial Project Conditions of Participation

As the parent/guardian, I acknowledge and agree to adhere to the following Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project Conditions of Participation:

  • My child will attend every tutoring session unless he/she is sick.
  • I will call the Johns Hopkins Tutorial office, 410.516.7673, if my child will be absent. Failure to do so may affect my child’s ability to remain in the program.
  • I am responsible for ensuring my child is chaperoned and at the bus stop at the designated time. I understand that the Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project is only responsible for my child while he/she is on the bus and at tutoring.
  • Four absences, excused or unexcused, will result in removal from the Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project.
  • In the event of snow, our program will follow the schedule of the Baltimore City Public Schools. If schools are closed, or close early, there will be no tutoring that day. If schools open late in the morning, we will have tutoring as usual.
  • I understand my child’s privilege to ride the bus will be revoked if he/she is misbehaving on the bus. The bus policy is as follows:

    1. First Incident – After the first serious misbehavior on the bus, you will receive a phone call from our student director informing you of what happened. We ask that you reinforce appropriate bus behavior with your child.

    2. Second Incident – After the second serious misbehavior on the bus, your child will not be allowed to ride the bus for the next tutoring session. If you are able to arrange transportation, your child may attend tutoring. Bus transportation will resume for your child after that.

    3. Third Incident – After the third serious misbehavior, your child will no longer be allowed to ride the bus to or from tutoring. If you are able to arrange permanent transportation, your child may continue to attend tutoring.

  • My child will not bring any food or beverage to tutoring. I understand that if my child does bring food, it will be taken away and returned to him/her at the end of tutoring.
  • I will contact my child’s student director or the Tutorial office if any of my contact or emergency information changes.