Student Showcase

Check out all the amazing work our tutees have done over the semesters! These kids are really important to us and to their tutors, so we make sure they have lots of fun while learning about math, reading, writing, current events, the environment, culture and much, much more. We love to show off the wonderful work our kids have done in strengthening their creative skills. Take a look at some of their illustrations and stories below!

Artist’s Corner

Zalayah Hendricks Zalayah HendricksRobyn Jones Robyn JonesLynch.Sahana Sahana LynchDavid Brown David BrownCedric TysonCedric Tyson
Bowers.AnthonyAnthony BowersBeard.Annasong Annasong BeardBailey.Triniti Triniti BaileyAracely Zayas Aracely ZayasA child's crayon drawing of 2 animals. Allan Daughtry

Author’s Corner

My Favorite Game – by Kenneth Abrams

My favorite game is NBA 2015. NBA stands for National Basketball Association. I like to play with my grandfather. I taught him the PS2 (Play Station 2) controls. He is a fast learner, like my tutor Ali. I play as The Miami Heat, The Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers. I scored 32 points in one game. I dunked and I made three point shots. My grandfather and I play street ball in the game, which is when you play outside and not in a stadium. The street courts are in Chicago and New York. They have a street court in China, but I haven’t played on it yet. I have a lot of video games, but NBA 2015 is my favorite!

The Unluckiest Day – by Baffour Anim

One day, a kid named Joe woke up and realized he was late to school. He had slept through all of his alarms. Joe went downstairs for breakfast, but the cereal box was empty so he had to leave home hungry. He got ready for school very quickly because he was running so late. He left his house running and jumped on the stairs of the bus, just in time.

When the bus got to school, Joe ran off of it to get to class, but he slipped on ice in front of everyone. Everybody that saw laughed at him. He got up and was completely wet and cold, but he had to go into class anyway. Joe came into class and the teacher said “put your stuff away, we have a test today.” Joe said, “There’s no test today,” but the teacher said “Yes there is” and handed it out. Joe took the test and knew he failed it.

During lunch, Joe got up to use the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom, he saw that the bathroom ran out of toilet paper. Joe sat there for a bit and then got up. When he left the bathroom, everybody outside said he smelled. Joe was so embarrassed that he ran to the office and called his mom to bring him new pants, but his mom couldn’t bring them right away. So Joe went back in the classroom. It smelled so much that everyone, even the teacher, went into the hallway. His mom finally brought his pants, but because he had the other pants on for so long, he still smelled.

Joe couldn’t wait for the day to end so he could go home and forget that it had ever happened. When the final bell rang, he was remembered as the smelliest boy in school history. His mom picked him up and brought him home. Joe was so embarrassed that he asked his mom to change his school, but she said no and told him to go to bed. Joe fell asleep thinking, “That was the unluckiest day!”

The Justice League and The Avengers – by Malik Bailey

It was a normal day, and The Justice League and The Avengers were both in the watchtower. They were both there because Tony Stark was throwing a party. All of a sudden, the alarm went off. They saw on the computer that the bad guys were breaking into Gotham City Bank. The police arrived, but half of them died because the Joker shot them with a machine gun. Then he blew up all the cars. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” The Justice League and The Avengers came to stop Joker. Then all of a sudden, all the other villains, including Lex Luthor and Loki, arrived. There was a massive fight, in which The Justice League and The Avengers won. The End!

Lo and Jasper – by Meira Berlow

One day, there were two cats named Lo and Jasper. Jasper was a curious kitty and would always use any opportunity to find out something new. Lo, on the other hand, liked staying in her cat bed eating catnip or any leftovers around the house. That day Jasper saw something furry on the couch. It had a big nose and was chewing something grey. Lo. Totally Lo, thought Jasper. He snuck up behind it and said “Boo!” Then “Lo” turned and responded with a loud ruff! Jasper jumped off the couch and realized it wasn’t Lo. It’s an alien, thought Jasper. “Lo!” Jasper called from down the hall. “The humans have brought a furry alien into our house!” At first it was silent and all Jasper could hear were tiny little clip clops on the floor. “Are you sure?” yawned Lo. “There’s no way…” Then she saw the furry thing on the couch. “Eekk!” Lo screamed. “Eekk!” Jasper screamed. “I know what that is.” She said, “It’s what humans call a puppy.” Jasper said, “Oh, we’re supposed to hate this thing, right?” “Of course,” Lo replied. So, every time that Lo and Jasper saw the “puppy,” they pretended that it never existed, but it was hard to do that because the tiny humans would pay attention to it instead of them. The puppy was constantly trying to always be friendly with them, which was annoying. But, they still got a lot of love and care because they didn’t slobber on anything.

Becoming Famous – by Mizahne Bivens

Once upon a time, there were two girls named Selena and Colette. They were playing outside when they found a little girl named Mizahne, who was wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt, and a brown puppy that had on a pink shirt. Mizahne told Selena and Colette that the puppy’s name was Rockie. They all went inside the Tutoring Center, and there they found a special TV. They were all watching their favorite show, Jessie, on the TV, when all of a sudden they hear, “Jump In!” from the TV. The TV was talking to them! So they jumped in and were in the TV. They found themselves in Jessie! They met all of the characters in the show, and actually became characters on the show. Mrs. Kipling and Rockie became best friends! They had a great time going to the hot dog stand, visiting where Emma worked, and practicing their lines during the commercials. Meeting the cast was so exciting! They had to go back home but didn’t want to since they were having so much fun! So, they didn’t go home and instead stayed in the show. They never went home and became famous! This teaches a lesson that TVs do not talk, but if your TV does talk, you’re about to go on a fun adventure.

My First Football Game – by Denzell Collins

It was the first time I played football. I was ten years old and scared. My coach told me, “Do not be afraid, you have a team that has your back.” So I trusted my team to watch my back when I have the ball. My first game was at my home field and we lost. We practiced so we could get better. Our next game was the best game that we ever played because we scored more touchdowns than we ever have. My coach put me on kickoff because I am fast. I was also the running back in the game. I scored three times. I was so happy.

Even though we won the last game, we lost the next one by a tiny bit. Although we fought hard during the game and against the opponent, we did not communicate as a team. We kept on messing up plays and confusing each other. We kept on leaving the opponents open. We were upset about the loss and how we performed during the game.

The next week, we practiced harder and smarter than ever before. We learned to communicate well and create a solid defense. Because of this practice, we won the rest of the games of the season and went to the championship game and won. This showed me that in order to succeed, we need to practice everything so we can get better.

King Minas – by Anthony Harrison

King Minas is a warrior because he saves people from aliens. But the aliens destroyed his home and the homes of his friends. This made him angry and he went to train with lions and bears to learn how to beat the aliens. After years of training, he was finally ready. When the aliens came to destroy another town, King Minas protected those people and defeated the aliens, and all the people were very happy.

The Heated Basketball Game – by Devin Jones

One day, Devin and Russell were playing a one on one basketball game. Devin made a three pointer, and then Russell answered with his own three pointer. Zach saw them playing and decided to be on Russell’s team, and they started to cheat by fouling and not calling their fouls. Devin was just about to quit, but Brendan came and joined Devin’s team. Devin and Brendan started to cheat by not calling their fouls, but it did not help, so they decided to stop cheating. In the end, the game ended up being tied. At the last second, however, Brendan dunked the ball on Zach, and Devin and Brendan won the game. After the game, all four of them went out to get cupcakes and ate them with chopsticks. This helped release the tension between the two teams. After eating the cupcakes and bonding with each other, the four of them played another game of basketball, but this time the game was fair and clean.

The Escaped Monkeys – by Naudia Harrison

Once there was a family that wanted a dog that was nice. So, they went to the shelter and they got Cookie. Then the family took the dog to the park. Suddenly Cookie barked. The family looked at the playground and then found monkeys on the monkey bars! The mother, Sierra, said, “I wonder where the monkeys have come from!”

“Maybe they have escaped from the zoo,” said Lizzie.

“I heard on the news that the monkeys escaped,” said Josh.

Then they heard the monkeys talking to each other! They were talking about their escape from the zoo. The family was really scared because they had never seen talking animals before.

“We should not be scared of the monkeys. We should try to be their friends,” said Shaun, the father.

Then Cookie was not happy, because she was jealous that they were not playing with her anymore. They were playing with the monkeys! However, the monkeys were really nice to Cookie, so she started to like them. Suddenly, Cookie, the monkeys, and all the family were playing together. After they finished playing, it was time to take the monkeys back to the zoo, because they did not belong to the family. The zoo keeper was very happy that they found the monkeys but he told the family that no one was allowed to know that the monkeys could talk. It was a big secret!

Flappy Joe – by Joshua Worku

Flappy Joe is my best friend. Even though he’s a plastic bag, he has lots of adventures with me. One day I saw a monster. Flappy Joe hit him in the back by accident, and we continued our journey. I met someone named Sophie. We invited her to Flappy Joe’s annual birthday. We celebrated but an earthquake came! It smashed the walls. The monster was back. “Bur Bur Buut Buut Booyah dude!” said Flappy Joe. “Huh!?” said the monster. I said, “You got whammed by the Booyah master.” He got furious! Sophie came with a big gigantic pan. She used it to try to keep the monster away from the village. Frankenstein was sleeping while a vampire bit a coffin and broke a vampire tooth and became human again! The monster ran into the woods.

“At least people are safe right now,” Josh said.

“That was close,” said Flappy Joe.

“We have to get him,” said Sophie.

“But how?” said Josh.

“Montage,” said Flappy Joe. We made a big trap! Sophie got some important bait! “I’ve been saving it for an occasion,” said Sophie. After we finished the trap, we hid. The monster came, got the bait, and was trapped. He went to prison and lived happily ever after. For now.

The end HA HA HA!