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Found at the top corner of SIS.

Tip: When viewing SIS, the “Current Balance” is the most up-to-date. This is a live view of the account. The "Current Payment Due" and "Last Statement Balance" only update once a month. Statements generate on the evening of the second Wednesday of each month and are available for viewing in SIS. Transactions on the account between statements can be viewed by logging into SIS and selecting "Billing", then "Summary", then "New Activity Since Last Statement".

Tip: If you have been charged for health insurance but have your own policy, you will need to waive the university’s coverage. The deadline to do so is early in the fall semester. The waiver form can be accessed through the student’s SIS page under "Personal Info". Further questions can be directed to ASENinsurance@jhu.edu or 410-516-8079.

Tip: Financial holds are placed on a student’s account when there is a past-due balance. This typically happens when financial aid has not disbursed. To verify the status of your financial aid, please log into SIS and view your “To-Do List”. Once you have enough anticipated financial aid to cover your balance, or you pay the balance in full, the financial hold automatically lifts.

Tip: Tuition Management Systems is the company that manages our interest-free payment plan. If you have recently taken out a TMS plan and it has not yet posted to your student account, it can take a few days to update on your student account. Detailed questions about your TMS plan or help opening a TMS plan can be directed to TMS through their website or by calling 800-722-4867.

Tip: If you have recently changed your housing or meal plan, it may take some time to update on your student account. Housing and dining updates are only sent to Student Accounts once a week. Housing can be contacted through the Housing website, via email at confirmation@jhu.edu or by calling 410-516-7960. Dining can be reached at the Dining website, via email at HopkinsDining@jhu.edu or by calling 410-516-3383.

Tip: If financial aid is missing from your student account, please ensure that all financial aid requirements have been completed. To check this, you can view the “To-Do” list under the "Financial Aid" tab in SIS. If all of your requirements have been completed and your aid still hasn’t disbursed, you can contact Financial Aid at fin_aid@jhu.edu or 410-516-8028.

Tip: Tuition rates for full-time students can be found on the Tuition and Fees page. If you have recently switched from full-time to part-time with the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering, it can take some time for your status to be updated with the Registrar's office. Once your status has been updated, the full-time tuition will automatically update to the per-credit rate. Tuition rates for Advanced Academic Programs and Engineering for Professionals vary by program/class.

Tip: Library fines over $10 are applied to your student account. Once they have been applied to your student account, you can pay through SIS. If you have a question about a library fine that was assessed, you can contact the library at circmail@jhu.edu.

Tip: Student Accounts processes refunds on Tuesdays and Thursdays according to the Credit Refund Schedule. There is a 10-day hold on all check payments such as scholarship payments, sponsors payments, and personal payments. Excess financial aid is not refunded until it actually disburses on your account and creates a credit balance. If your bill says “anticipated” aid, then it has not yet disbursed.

Tip: Johns Hopkins processes refunds through BankMobile. To select your refund preference with BankMobile, log into SIS and under the billing tab select “Make Refund Choice” to access BankMobile. Learn more about BankMobile.