Policies and QI Studies

The Student Health and Wellness Center has adopted the following policies:

In addition to the aforementioned policies, the SHWC conducts various Quality Improvement studies on an annual basis.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

After each visit students are e-mailed a survey asking "How satisfied were you with your most recent visit to the Student Health and Wellness Center?"
Number of Respondents1783143417571951218613558081177
Very Satisfied72%78%77%78%81%82%88%83%
Very Dissatisfied1%1%1%2%1%1%0%1%

Annual Report Executive Summary 2020-2021

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Student Health & Wellness Center accomplished the following:

Our leadership in responding to COVID

Data on the testing and medical management we provided

  • Johns Hopkins COVID Call Center-related encounters for students = 4,753
  • Homewood symptomatic COVID testing tent visits = 1,422
  • Provided on-site support/assistance for 103 students in isolation and 88 students in quarantine
  • Saw 114 potentially infectious students for in-person visits at our 3101 Annex

Specific services and programs we stood up to assist our students

  • We worked with our partners in occupational health to turn the employee COVID call center into the Johns Hopkins COVID call center to manage COVID-related concerns of students, faculty & staff
  • We partnered to create a “drive through” residential move-in experience for the fall 2020 semester
    • This included COVID screening, testing, wellness kits, and flu shots for approximately 80 students
  • We again worked with our partners for spring 2021 move-in so that all residential students went through a similar process in Shriver hall
    • This included COVID screening, testing, wellness kits, pre-entrance health form completion, and flu vaccination if needed
    • Approximately 1,000 students went through this process over the course of 5 days
  • We oversaw renovation of an existing building at 3101 N. Charles St. into a “sick clinic” where we could see potentially infectious students in-person, as well as the creation of outdoor structures in the backyard of 3103 N. Charles St. for the Homewood symptomatic COVID testing tent
  • We implemented the Doxy.me telemedicine platform and had 1,556 telemedicine visits with students
  • 98% of patient satisfaction survey respondents were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their telemedicine visit compared to 99% of students who were satisfied with their in-person visit, showing that both modalities have comparably high rates of satisfaction

Non-COVID Major accomplishments

  • We coordinated 12 flu clinics with Walgreens including on-campus sites (during move-in) and off-campus sites (local apartment buildings)
  • We launched our “wellness to go” over-the-counter medication vending machine
    • Over 250 items have been purchased from the vending machine since it became operational in October 2020
    • Visits for emergency contraception have decreased dramatically while purchase of emergency contraception from the vending machine have increased, accomplishing our goal of reducing barriers to access for this medication