Policies and QI Studies

The Student Health and Wellness Center has adopted the following policies:

In addition to the aforementioned policies, the SHWC conducts various Quality Improvement studies on an annual basis.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

After each visit students are e-mailed a survey asking "How satisfied were you with your most recent visit to the Student Health and Wellness Center?"
Number of Respondents178314341757195121861355
Very Satisfied72%78%77%78%81%82%
Very Dissatisfied1%1%1%2%1%1%

Annual Report Executive Summary 2019-2020

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Student Health & Wellness Center accomplished the following:

  • 12,589 in-person patient visits with 5,442 distinct students
  • 2,705 student contacts outside appointment times (via phone, secure message, etc.)
  • 297 appointments with our dietician
  • 192 appointments with our massage therapist
  • 1,355 responses to our patient satisfaction survey with 96.8% of students reporting they were very satisfied or satisfied with their care
  • 2,380 flu vaccines given, including 1,394 doses during our 9 on-campus flu clinics
  • 471 students seen to complete pre-entrance health requirements during our health form clinics
  • 3,500 pre-entrance health forms reviewed
  • 18 students seen during our free STI screening clinic in the Fall with 74 tests performed (Spring STI screening clinic cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • 113 shared patients with the Counseling Center through our referral process
  • 1 new Nurse Practitioner recruited and hired
  • 1 Administrative Coordinator recruited and hired
  • 8 quality improvement studies conducted on the following topics:
    • Adverse incident summaries
    • Peer chart review
    • Internal risk management
    • Hand hygiene compliance
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Wasted medications
    • Complex case review
    • Group chart reviews
  • 8 staff members attended conferences, including:
    • Mid Atlantic College Health Nursing Association Conference
    • NPACE, Pharmacology Update Conference
    • Mazzoni Center Transgender Conference
    • Pyramed P5 Training
    • Measles Outbreak on Campus Training
    • APNA Annual Conference
    • Pri-Med Baltimore Conference
    • Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Annual Meeting