Student Health Benefit Plan

If you or your family encounter what is known in the insurance industry as a “life event” (i.e. being dropped from your parent’s health care plan due to age, having insurance that will not allow you to receive health care out of your demographic area), you might want to consider purchasing the student health benefit plan through WellFleet (formerly CHP). You may enroll in the student health benefits plan within 30 days of losing other coverage.

Benefits of this plan include:

  • $150 deductible (reduced to $75 when you are referred by the SHWC to an outside health care provider/facility)
  • Reduced co-pay for prescription medications purchased at the SHWC
  • Prescription plan co-pay for outside pharmacies ($15 copay for generics and $25 for brand name)
  • Medical benefits while traveling abroad (when plan guidelines are followed)

In addition, WellFleet also offers JHU students the following products that can be purchased through their website at an additional cost:

  • International health insurance (included in the purchase price for the school insurance plan, but sold separately for students who travel abroad and whose private health insurance does not cover international travel)
  • Preventive vaccines offered at the Student Health and Wellness Center that would not be covered elsewhere such as, typhoid vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine, etc.

Additional details regarding WellFleet benefits can be found on the HR website, or the Registrar’s website.

If you have the Johns Hopkins University Student Health Benefits Plan, you must present your health insurance card in order to receive the co-pay price at the SHWC for medications, vaccinations, or medical supplies. Please note that the SHWC does not have enrollment forms.

Helpful Resources and Links

An Insurance and Referral Coordinator is available to assist you with scheduling your SHWC provider-initiated referral or help you understand claims:

Student Insurance and Referral Coordinator
Student Health and Wellness Center

For enrollment information, contact:

Student Health Benefits Team
Johns Hopkins University
Garland Hall
Contact Form

For questions about the WellFleet health plan, including insurance benefits, enrollment, prescriptions and claims processing, contact:

1000 Great-West Drive
Kennett, MO 63857-3749
(Please refer to group#ST0858SH )

Looking for a provider? A complete list of PPO providers is available through WellFleet website or by contacting WellFleet at (877) 657-5044.