Medication Vending Machine

Student ordering meds from the vending machine.

Vending machineThe Student Health and Wellness Center’s “wellnesstogo” vending machine offers students a curated selection of over-the-counter products recommended by SWHC healthcare professionals. The machine is regularly stocked with over-the-counter medications and other wellness supplies at prices well below what you’d pay at a retail pharmacy. These products are available to all J-Card users and only J-Cash is accepted as payment.

The vending machine is located in the ground level lobby of 1 East 31st Streetthe same building where the SHWC is located—in the vestibule next to the elevator. The machine is accessible even when the SHWC closed.

Available Items

Below is a helpful chart of what’s available for sale, comparable branded products, relevant uses, and prices.

For example, levonorgestrel (generic Plan B) can cost as much as $60 at a pharmacy. The wellness-to-go vending machine sells it for $8. We want students to have access to this medication at any time and without needing to see a provider first (if that is their preference).

#Product NameContainsCompare ToHelps WithPrice
110Triple Antibiotic OintmentBacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, Polymyxin B SulfateNeosporinInfection protection for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns$2
112BonineMeclizineAntivertMotion sickness, nausea, dizziness, and vertigo$5
113APAP Non-Aspirin TabletsAcetaminophenTylenolPain & fever$2
114MelatoninMelatoninN/ADifficulty sleeping after an altered sleep schedule or concussion$2
120Athlete’s Foot CreamTerbinafineLamisilFungal skin infections, like athlete’s foot, ring worm, and jock itch$8
122Ear Wax TreatmentCarbamide PeroxideDebroxSoftens and removes ear wax$2
123CetirizineCetirizineZyrtecSneezing, itchy eyes and itchy skin due to allergies$6
124AllergyDiphenhydramineBenadrylAllergic reactions like hives/itchy rashes, bug bites, and mild food allergies, may cause drowsiness$2
130IbuprofenIbuprofenAdvilPain, muscle/joint inflammation & fevers$2
131Headache ReliefAcetaminophen, Aspirin, CaffeineExcedrin MigraineHeadache pain plus nausea and sensitivity to light and/or sound$2
132All Day Pain ReliefNaproxenAlevePain/inflammation in muscles/joints$2
133Nasal ReliefOxymetazolineAfrinShort-term stuffy/runny nose due to illness$2
134Fluticasone Nasal SprayFluticasone PropionateFlonaseLonger-term stuffy nose due to seasonal allergies or sinus infections$6
135Saline Nasal SpraySodium ChlorideN/AStuffy nose or dry/bloody nose$2
140Trojan ENZ CondomsLubricated CondomsN/AProtection from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies$2
142Pregnancy TestPregnancy Test KitFirst ResponseDiagnosing pregnancy$4
144EContra One-StepLevonorgestrelPlan BEmergency contraception, most effective when taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse$8
150First Aid KitBandages, Gauze Pads, Alcohol PadsN/AMinor cuts, scrapes, and burns$2
152Tampax Pocket Radiant TamponsTamponsN/AComfort and leak protection during menstrual cycle$2
154Hydrocortisone CreamHydrocortisone 1%CortisoneRashes$2
160FamotidineFamotidinePepcidHeartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach$4
162COVID Antigen Rapid Test2 TestsN/AFree
164COVID Antigen Rapid Test2 TestsN/AFree