Travel Health

The Student Health and Wellness Center offers consultations to provide international travelers with the information, medications and most necessary immunizations to help ensure an enjoyable and safe trip. The SHWC offers:

  • Instruction in how to manage food and water when traveling
  • Information on how to prevent malaria and other insect-borne diseases
  • Most routine and recommended immunizations
  • Referrals for rabies, Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis Virus vaccines
  • Prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis and traveler’s diarrhea
  • The World Health Organization international certificate of vaccination (yellow card) to carry when traveling
  • Additional information on international travel resources, travel supplies and equipment and insurance information for travel
  • Discussions about HIV risk, safe sex and pregnancy prevention; additional information available through the CDC’s travel website

There is no charge for the clinic visit. Charges for immunizations and medications are very competitive. Participants with the school-sponsored insurance plan may get some preventive immunizations at no cost.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • To schedule an appointment, contact the SHWC at 410-516-8270
  • Appointments should be scheduled at least 4-6 weeks prior to your departure
  • Be sure to specify your destination

Types of Appointments

Travel Consultation

  • Initial appointment (provider conducts research on location, counsels patient, and administers destination-specific immunizations)
  • 40-minute appointment length (includes check-in and completion of appointment specific forms)
  • No physical examination required

Travel Consultation (short)

  • 30-minute appointment length (includes check-in and completion of appointment specific forms)
  • Follow-up from initial travel consultation
  • No physical examination required

Study Abroad Physical

  • 30-minute appointment length (includes check-in and completion of appointment specific forms)
  • Physical examination required
  • May need immunizations for travel
  • Arranged through Johns Hopkins Study Abroad program

When scheduling your appointment, please be specific as to whether you need a study abroad physical or a travel consultation. The study abroad physical medically clears you for your trip and is a different appointment from the travel consult that prepares you for your trip.

What to bring to your Appointment

You must arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete the required forms for your visit in the Pyramed Health WebPortal. If you have had a travel consult elsewhere and just need immunizations, please note that when scheduling your appointment. You must bring the paper work from the travel clinic that specifies what immunizations you need to receive.

Please bring immunization records or a yellow World Health Organization immunization book of prior travel specific immunizations with you and as many specifics as possible regarding your itinerary. It is very important that we know which area of a given country you will be visiting and how long you plan to be there.

Appointment Checklist

  • Travel itinerary
  • Forms that need to be completed by provider
  • Insurance card
  • Acceptable form of payment
    • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
    • Cash
    • J-Card
    • Check
    • Bursar bill student account

For additional questions regarding study abroad, contact Lori A. Citti, director of study abroad, at 410-516-6760 or