Special Clinics

Flu Clinics

This year, anyone who is currently spending time on a Johns Hopkins campus, including those living in campus housing or working in labs, will be required to have a flu vaccination or an approved exemption for the 2020–21 academic year by Nov. 20. This policy will continue to apply when we are able to expand campus activity in the future, so even if your classes and activities are completely remote now, you will likely find it helpful to get a flu shot and document compliance with the university, as described below. Students will not be permitted to engage in on-campus activities after Nov. 20 without proof of vaccination or an approved exemption.

All Johns Hopkins University students can get a free flu shot at any Walgreens pharmacy anywhere in the United States using the voucher provided by the university at https://ivv.tic.jh.edu/. You will need to either be on the Hopkins network or use the VPN to access the link.

This voucher will also allow Walgreens to automatically tell Johns Hopkins you have received the vaccine, and no additional action will be necessary.

Walgreens Locations Near the Homewood Campus

  • Walgreens: 2700 Remington Ave, 410-235-2128 (ground floor of Remington Row Apartments)
  • Walgreens Pharmacy Greenspring Tower: 1030 West 41st Street, 410-235-0002 (same shopping center as the Hampden Giant)
  • Walgreens Pharmacy The Rotunda: 711 W. 40th Street, 410-467-3343 (located next to MOM’s Organic Market)
  • Walgreens Pharmacy Hampden: 3700 Falls Road, 410-467-7004 (at the corner of Falls Road and 37th Street)

Johns Hopkins will hold a limited number of local flu vaccine clinics. However, to keep activity at these locations safely distanced, we encourage you to take advantage of your local Walgreens pharmacy or primary care physicians. Here are the dates and locations of the university clinic opportunities.

  • October 30, 12pm to 5pm, for Homewood and Peabody graduate students working on-campus only, at the Student Health and Wellness Center Annex at 3101 N. Charles Street.

Walgreens Clinics at Charles Village Residential Buildings

Most of these clinics will run from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The 9 East clinic is open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Watch for more details from the respective apartment complexes. All Hopkins students living in a particular building are eligible for that building’s clinic.

Clinics in Charles Village Residential Buildings

  • October 26: Flu Clinic for Hopkins students living at The Social
  • October 27: Flu clinic for Hopkins students living at 9 East 33rd
  • October 28: Flu clinic for Hopkins students living at The Academy
  • October 29: Flu clinic for Hopkins students living at The Marylander

Additional information, including details about religious or medical exemptions, is on the Student Wellness website. Thank you for taking this important step for your health and to reduce the risks our community is facing at this difficult time.

Free STI Screening Clinics

Once each semester, the Student Health and Wellness Center offers a free STI screening clinic for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. No appointment is necessary for this clinic. Check back for future dates