Event Registration and Sober Party Monitor Training Information

Social Event Registration Form

To facilitate a safe and healthy social environment for all of our students, we require all registered Hopkins student organizations to register any off-campus events.

The purpose of this registration form is three-fold:

  • To support students and student groups in responsibly hosting events off-campus and in the communities contiguous to the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus;
  • To educate students and student groups about the responsibilities of hosting events in off-campus venues and houses;
  • To mitigate disturbances to the surrounding communities by providing support to students and student groups before and during their events.

Please follow the instructions below to register a social event 72-hours in advance of the event.

  1. Sign into Hopkins Groups
  2. Go to your organizations profile
  3. Go to the events tab under your organizations profile
  4. Click “Create Event”

Upon submission, a staff person will review your information and contact you with any necessary follow up. A confirmation email will be sent to indicate approval of the event.

To learn more about the Homewood Undergraduate Off-Campus Party Registration and Safety Policy in its entirety, feel free to review the Student Life policies.

Sober Party Monitor Training

What are Sober Party Monitors?

The Sober Party Monitor Training was developed and coordinated through the Center for Health Empowerment and Well-Being. As a way to help reduce risk at parties, student leaders requested that this be a requirement for any student organization hosting off campus parties with alcohol. Sober Party Monitor Training sessions are a chance for students to talk with other student leaders and learn skills regarding:

  • The goals of hosting events with alcohol
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Sober Party Monitor
  • The risks associated with alcohol and other drug use
  • How to promote safe social behaviors
  • Resources and support for your group
  • How to address potentially dangerous and questionable behavior among your guests, including overconsumption of alcohol and situations potentially involving sexual assault and safe ways to intervene

For ALL events involving alcohol, there must be at least one Sober Party Monitor for every 25 expected attendees. This does not include the person(s) that are stationed at the door allowing guests to come in. Sober Party Monitors must complete one training each academic year. When planning an event, names of monitors must be submitted with the social event registration form.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has volunteered to be a Sober Party Monitor for your organization. You must attend the entire training in order to be certified and receive a Sober Party Monitor t-shirt. Please note that first-year students are not allowed to attend Sober Party Monitor Training or serve as Sober Party Monitors.

Register for Training

We ask that students who wish to become certified Sober Party Monitors sign up 2-3 weeks (when possible) in advance of their planned event, as trainings fill up quickly and you are not guaranteed a spot in a class even if your event is close to the training date. Members of the same organization do not have to sign up for the same session but there can be no more than five members of your group per session unless space permits. Each session has a limit of 30 participants.

You only need to complete one training each academic year. Registration is required. Registration will close once capacity is reached after which you will be placed on a waiting list. Also, if there are less than five people signed up we will most likely cancel that session.

Once you have registered, please plan to arrive to training on time. If you arrive after training starts, you will have to attend another session in order to be certified and receive your t-shirt.

If you are unable to attend a session you have registered for, please contact CHEW immediately at chew.jhu@gmail.com or call 410-516-8396 so we can open up your spot for another student interested in completing the training.

Visit Hopkins Groups to register for a Sober Party Monitor training.