Identity & Inclusion Workshop

All undergraduates at JHU are invited to join an Identity and Inclusion workshop during their first year on campus. The workshop is designed to give first-year students a shared experience and shared language to understand their identities in the Johns Hopkins University context. The workshop has been offered at JHU since 2016, after the call in the JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion for a “Mandatory cultural competency workshop for incoming undergraduates.”

For fall 2020, the workshop will be offered in an online, asynchronous format. Through a series of interactive activities, students will have the opportunity to think about their own experiences, listen to the experiences of other students, learn about JHU resources, and explore options for further learning. It is mandatory for all first-year students (including transfer students) to participate.

The workshop is supported by Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is composed of the staff of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Religious and Spiritual Life, Women and Gender Resources, and LGBTQ Life.

Students who need to complete this requirement will be added to a Blackboard site where they can participate in the workshop at their convenience. Please complete the workshop by December 15, 2020.

To contact us, email

Frequently Asked Questions

I attended a workshop but I still have a hold on my account.

It will take at least a week to lift the hold on your account. If the hold persists two weeks after attending the workshop, please contact us at

I forgot to record my attendance at the session.

We ask the workshop participants to tap/swipe your J-Card or J-Card on your phones before at the end of the workshop to record your attendance.

If in any case you forgot to do so, we encourage you to write an email to and include the name of the facilitators or describe the discussions that took place in the workshop along with the date and time you attended the workshop. On evaluating the information, if correct, you will be marked as attended.

I can’t make the session I registered for. Can I cancel my ticket and make a new registration?

If you are unable to attend the workshop, you can cancel your old registration and make a new registration by logging into the EventBrite page.

How do I know if I am successfully registered?

You will get a confirmation email after successful registration. If you did not get an email please contact

Can I request to register for a workshop next semester?

If you have special circumstances meaning you will be unable to complete the workshop within this semester, please contact

What should I bring to the workshop?

You are not required to bring anything to the workshop except for your J-Card and a writing instrument.

Can I eat during the workshop?

You can bring well-contained snacks and drinks.

Why is Identity and Inclusion workshop mandatory?

The workshop is part of fulfilling the JHU value of diversity and inclusion. It is an expectation the Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion that all students participate in this workshop, and participation is a part of your academic obligation as a Johns Hopkins student.