Information for Parents

Cover of handbook for talking with college students about alcohol.

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Johns Hopkins University, in keeping with its basic mission, recognizes that its primary response to issues of alcohol and drug abuse must be through educational programs, as well as through intervention and treatment efforts.

In addition to providing appropriate educational programs throughout the year, each division of the university will include such programs as part of its orientation for students. The university further recognizes that alcoholism and drug addiction are illnesses that are not easily resolvable by personal effort and may require professional assistance and/or treatment. Participation in such programs may be required of a student as a “condition of continued enrollment.” The university will adhere to strict policies of confidentiality for all participants in drug/alcohol abuse rehabilitation programs as described in university and federal regulations covering student health records.

Maryland and the District of Columbia laws prohibit the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of 21. The possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs as defined by federal, state, and local statutes is prohibited.

Students are expected to obey the law. Individuals who violate the law, in addition to being subject to criminal penalties, may be subject to university disciplinary measures. The university will not excuse acts of misconduct committed by students whose judgment is impaired due to alcohol or drug abuse.

For more information, review the complete listing of university policies.