Student Life Programming Grants

Student Life Programming Grants exist to financially support student-organized programs and events that meet the needs of Homewood students by supporting the following priorities identified by Homewood Student Affairs. Applications will be reviewed and assessed based on their commitment to:

  • Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities
  • Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Engagement
  • Nurturing Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Promoting Civic Discourse

Priority will be given to applications that promote group collaboration and/or present a new initiative or program.


Program Eligibility

  • All student organizations applying for funds must be registered with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement and listed on Hopkins Groups.
  • Student organizations applying for funds are encouraged to collaborate with other registered student organizations, administrative offices, or academic departments.
  • All sponsored events must be registered on Hopkins Groups and open and advertised to all Homewood students. Private parties or exclusive events will not be funded.
  • Strongest considerations will be given to an event that includes a performance, speaker, cultural element, educational component, or community building activity. The Committee will not fund an event that is for recruiting purposes only.
  • The SLPG will not fund for prizes of any kind, t-shirts, JHU faculty or staff fees, or non-JHU student or group travel. For t-shirts, the group can apply for the Johns Hopkins Credit union t-shirt grant (CUTS).
  • Any equipment or reusable items purchased with SLPG funds are the property of Johns Hopkins University. Your proposal must include a plan for storage, security, and future use of the purchased equipment and/or reusable items.
  • SLPG does not directly fund charities or community agencies.
  • SLPG cannot be used to fund events retroactively.
  • The SLPG funds are a resource for seed money for groups initiating new programs. Over time as programs continue and grow, the SLPG may fund recurring events at a reduced rate
  • The SLPG Committee reserves the right to amend these program eligibility requirements at their discretion.
  • Student Organizations receiving Student Life Programming Grants are required to complete the SLPG Program Evaluation Survey following their event. Funds will not be transferred until this program evaluation has been received.

Budget Information

  • A complete proposal must include a Program Expenses Spreadsheet (view this Word Document: SLPG Grant Expense Sheet Template.)
  • SLPG will be awarded in amounts up to $500; $1000 if you are co-sponsoring the event.
  • Funding is for the direct payment of vendors or independent contractors who provided services for the program or the reimbursement of event purchases made by a student group member.
  • Proposals without a detailed budget or with an incomplete information may result in the program not being funded by SLPG.
  • Groups are responsible for submitting the appropriate original invoices, contracts, or receipts to their financial administrator for processing.
  • Unused SLPG funding will be recalled at the end of the semester.
  • If funded, student organizations will receive the grant proceeds after their event has taken place and they have submitted the SLPG Program Evaluation Survey. Once the completed form has been submitted, funds will be transferred to the account number provided.

Alcohol at Events

  • SLPG will not fund alcohol. If alcohol is a part of a proposed program, the event must take place on campus. All events with alcohol must abide by the University’s Alcohol Policy as well as state and local laws.
  • If alcohol is present at the event, an equally attractive non-alcoholic option must be available, as well as a meal or substantial food.

How to Submit

  • Grants submissions occur only one time per semester.
  • The deadline for submitting for events for the Spring 2019 semester is Wednesday, February 6, 2019, by 11:59 p.m.
  • Event submissions must be for events occurring after the February 6 deadline and before the last reading day before finals Spring Semester.
  • Incomplete proposal forms will not be considered.

Submit the SLPG Proposal Form

Have Questions?

For additional information, contact:

Laura Stott
Executive Director of Student Engagement

The SLPG receives its budget from the Parents Fund and the Dean of Student Life. These offices have provided funding for this Committee to act as a clearinghouse for student group funding requests.