Hop-In Book Loan Program

The Hop-In Book Loan Program provides students the opportunity to borrow necessary books for the current semester by filling out a book loan request form. The book loan can only be used on textbooks. All textbooks must be returned to the Center for Student Success (CSS) during regular hours of operation and signed off by a CSS staff member. The final deadline for the return of all textbooks is the last day of final exams at 3pm. Any lost or stolen books will be replaced at the expense of the borrower.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be a current full-time Hop-In student.
  • If recipient of a previous book loan, the Hop-In student must have completed and passed the course.
  • If recipient of a previous book loan, the Hop-in student must have returned books to the CSS by the specified date.

Selection Criteria

  • All Hop-In students will automatically be considered for the program.
  • Each application will be evaluated based on a variety of factors: book availability, cost of book(s), requested number of books, GPA, level of involvement, and advisor recommendation.
  • Completion of Hop-In Book Loan Request Form.


  • The Book Loan Request Form must be completed by Friday, February 7, 2020 for full consideration. Students will have 5 days to pick up books from Hop-In after notification of approval and availability.


  • Awards are made based on available funds and/or availability in the book loan inventory. Amounts will vary based on the total cost of the books for the semester. Students are encouraged to apply early. Each award will not exceed the total cost of the books for the semester and/or $250.


  • The success of the Hop-In Book Loan Program is also dependent on the number of book donations that we receive from students, faculty, and staff. If you would like to donate to the Hop-In Book Loan inventory, please fill out the donation form.

Request Form

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