Timothy Beaucage

Academic Advisor/Success Coach, KSAS

Timothy Beaucage brings an international set of experiences as an LGBT advocate, educator, and contemplative pedagogy practitioner to their role serving FLI students as an Academic Advisor/Success Coach in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

Tim has been a regular panelist for the Stonewall Center Speakers’ Bureau, advocating for LGBT rights and educating students and professionals across the Northeast on LGBT topics. Tim has a particular passion for contemplative pedagogy and critical theory and continues to facilitate trainings around critical anti-oppression contemplative practice in higher education. Tim was a contributor to the Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group at UMass Amherst and is a member of the Association of Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, both serving to promote contemplative practice across disciplines and in various academic and administrative units across campuses.

After earning a BA in International studies, Tim served as a Fulbright Fellow in Germany, then went on to earn a M.Ed. in Educational Policy and Research Administration (Higher Education Concentration). Prior to arriving at JHU, Tim worked in several industries both in Europe and across the U.S. In addition, they served as a lecturer for the U.S. Consulate to promote U.S.-German relations and educate individuals on U.S. politics and history.

At Hopkins, Tim has taught First-Year Seminars to assist students in transitioning into higher education, as well as leadership development courses for various constituents.