Additional Services

In addition to processing employment & payroll documents, the Office of Student Employment Services provides several other services to Homewood students, faculty, and staff.


Our department offers notary services to all members of the Johns Hopkins community at no charge. Please note that an appointment is required – make an appointment.

Key points to be mindful of when making your appointment:

  • Appointments are limited to 15 minutes and/or 2 documents
  • Do NOT sign any document(s) before your appointment with the notary
  • Signer(s) must provide proper proof of identification
  • Signer(s) must comprehend the purpose of the documents they are signing


The MTA College Transit Pass are for ‘students’ only. The pass offers students a convenient, affordable way to get around town. It can be used on the MTA Local Buses, Light Rail, and Metro Subway. It costs only $50, while the regular monthly fare is $64. Passes are on sale in the Office of Student Employment Services (J-Cash only).

Our office offers a full line of MTA transit schedules for your convenience.