On-Boarding New Hires

The following information is intended for JHU departments who wish to hire (put on payroll) a student from the Kreiger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) and/or the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE).

Position Create

If you do not have a vacant student position, one must be created. For your convenience, we offer Sample ISR Documents.

Once your ISR Position has been finalized you will receive an email from HRSS. After which, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final Recipient Comments, this is where you will find the new Position Number (PERNA). Be sure that the position number referenced on the ISR New Hire form is a vacant position and that the pay frequency matches the hiring information. If you use an old position that is already assigned to another employee your ISR will be rejected.

New Hire ISR

Once you have a position, you must process an ISR New Hire form to put the student on payroll with your SAP org unit, cost center, etc. Be sure to select someone from University Experiential Learning as Approver 2. You will receive an email from HR Shared Services notifying you that the ISR New Hire has been finalized. Once again, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final recipient comments, this is where you will find the student’s personnel number (PERNA).

Federal Work-Study

If the student will be using work-study for your position be sure to enter the Z-Code as well as the end date of the award. The begin date should match the effective date of the ISR provided it is later than the start date of FWS.

Permanent Address

When initiating an ISR New Hire form for an INCOMING GRAD STUDENT, who does not yet have a local address, you may use the mailing address of the graduate department. However, you MUST remember to complete a Personal Data Change form as soon as possible to update the address accordingly.

Form I-9

Be sure to instruct your new student employee that they MUST complete the Form I-9 within 3-business days from their first day of work. If you have not done so, please speak with them immediately. Should a student fail to complete the Form I-9 in the allotted time allowed -and- continues to work, the university is in violation of I9 compliance laws/regulations. Hence, it is the hiring department’s responsibility to ensure that the I9 is completed on time, else they MUST suspend the student’s employment immediately. For more information see Form I-9.

TB Test Requirements

For those JH departments that require employees, including student employees, to provide valid proof of a ‘negative’ PPD skin test for tuberculosis, it is your responsibility to ensure that the student/s comply as part of the hiring process. The Student Health and Wellness Center can provide this screening free of charge for full-time students of KSAS and WSE. Students may schedule an appointment by calling the clinic at 410-516-8270.

Job Orientation

Once hired, be sure to reaffirm the responsibilities of the job and any expectations. Include absenteeism, lateness, standard of conduct, appropriate dress, etc.

  • Clearly explain and review the work schedule
  • Be sure to identify the supervisor whom they will directly report to
  • Provide the proper training and supervision necessary for adequate job performance

If hourly, the student should be instructed about any departmental policies regarding the timesheet process including how to use the time clock, when to sign and submit their timesheets, and to whom, etc. At this point, the student should be reminded that their failure to adhere to these policies may or will result in dismissal.

Helpful ‘New Hire’ Tools