Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hiring and paying Homewood students. If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please contact us.

How to pay awards & prizes

Each year, academic departments present cash awards and prizes to their students. The process for these type of payments depend on the nature and/or purpose of the gift. Thus, you must first determine if the nature of the award/prize is employment or non-employment related?

Employment-Related: These include the Research Poster Award, Graduate Teaching Awards, the Science Service Award, etc. The payment would be processed through the payroll system in accordance with the university finance/controller web site which states, “in the event that the award or prize is employment related it would be treated the same as those given to employees – it would be taxable as compensation and must be paid through payroll” – Source:

NON Employment-Related: These include the Undergraduate Research Award, WSE Convocation Awards, the Dean’s Safety Award, etc. Payments for awards and prizes presented to students in recognition of academic achievements/pursuits –and- are not directly linked to a wage position, would be processed through Accounts Payable. This is in accordance with the university finance/controller web site which states, “awards and prizes given to non-employees including students are to be paid through Accounts Payable directly to the recipient of the award”. Source:

How to hire a student using work-study (FWS)

On the ISR New Hire form you must enter the PDF Document: FWS Z-Code and award dates. The system will automatically charge the correct percentage to your budget and the FWS budget. Once the work-study award is depleted, your budget will be charged 100% for all hours worked.

How to pay FWS on a ‘salaried’ basis (For Grad Students ONLY)

First, you must determine the number of pay-cycles based on the total award divided by the semi-monthly salary. For example, $5000 award / $1000 semi-monthly salary = 5 pays. Next, you must determine the amount to be charged to each budget (FWS / Dept.). For example $1000 semi-monthly salary / 70% = $700 to the FWS budget (and) 30% = $300 to the Dept. budget. Both budget lines MUST be included on the ISR. For this example, the start and end dates will extend over 5 pays.

How to pay a ‘continuing’ FWS student

This refers to students with FWS who will continue to work in the Same Department / Same Job either between academic years (or) if you hired the student non-FWS and they now have FWS (within the same year). In either case, you will not complete an ISR. Instead, you must submit an FWS Job Continuation Form. Please note: If the hourly rate of pay is different from what currently exist in SAP, you MUST also submit an ISR Salary Change.

When to terminate a student employee

Departments frequently question if/when to terminate a student, especially if they expect the student to return between semesters, academic years, etc. A good rule-of-thumb is to terminate the student when job ends; the student falls below full-time status; graduates; or, is placed on academic LOA.