Breaks & Overtime

Academic Year

  • If the student you hire will be working LESS than 19.99/hrs per week, please record the actual number of hour to be worked. This will allow the student to accept a 2nd campus position if they so choose.


  • If you hire a student to work during the summer for more than 19.99/hrs per week, please submit a Termination ISR (future dated) soon after the hire is approved. This will help prevent any student from being on payroll over the 19.99/hr limit come September.
  • Students that work over 40 hours per week are required by the law (FLSA) to receive overtime at time and a half pay. Also, if the student is not registered full-time during the summer they will have FICA Tax withheld. This tax will appear on your budget statement as Fringe Benefits. FICA Tax withholdings begin on June 1 & end on August 31.
  • Find more information about hiring students who have graduated.


How is overtime calculated? The department who creates the overtime, pays the overtime.
For example: If the student works early in the week for one department and later in the week for another, the 2nd department has the hours over 40 and the overtime. In a case where the student works 5 hours a day for two separate departments simultaneously, the departments would share