Concurrent Employment

Concurrent employment refers to a student who has more than one campus job simultaneously; they are employed by multiple departments or hold multiple positions within the same department. Hours worked at multiple jobs, concurrently, count toward the weekly limit (19.99). Sample scenarios include:

Multiple On-Campus Jobs

In the fall, Becky accepted a student job with the Dean’s Office and also with the Digital Media Center. Becky has concurrent employment.

Same Department, Multiple Hourly Rates

Hussein works for Academic Advising as a student tutor for two courses; each pays a different hourly rate. Tutoring for Course A pays $10/hour; tutoring for Course B pays $12.50/hour. Even though both jobs are within the same department, because they have different rates of pay they are treated as two separate jobs. Each job is assigned a different personnel number in SAP. As a result, Hussein has concurrent employment.

Fellowship Position and Salaried Position

Tatiana has been awarded an Owen Fellowship. She also holds a student position within her graduate department. The fellowship is paid in a non-employee position; the graduate position is a salaried/wage position. Each is assigned a different personnel number in SAP. As a result, Tatiana has concurrent employment.