Divisional Contacts

If you are hiring a non-Homewood campus student, one who is not registered in the schools of KSAS or WSE, you must contact the appropriate office/person (i.e. Peabody, Public Health, Nursing, etc.). Each division has a specific process regarding who initiates the ISR New Hire form, collects employment documents, gathers and enters hours into CATS, etc. Before you allow the student to begin working, please contact the appropriate person as outlined below:

Bloomberg School of Public Health
Contact: Carri Colison
Email: ccoliso1@jhu.edu
Phone: (410) 955-5725
Carey Business School
Contact: Human Resources
Email: Carey.HR@JHU.edu
Phone: (410) 234-9312
Kennedy Krieger
Training Administration Office
Phone: (443) 923-7980
Peabody Institute:
Contact: Shawn McDowell
Email: smcdowe6@jhu.edu
Phone: (667) 208-6533
School of Advance International Studies
Contact: Bryan Regalado
Email: bryan.regalado@jhu.edu
Phone: (202) 663-5663
School of Education
Contact: Bob Stoner
Email: BobStoner@jhu.edu
Phone: (410) 516-7094
School of Medicine
Contact 1: Robin Lenzo (For Medical Students)
Email: rlenzo1@jhmi.edu
Phone: (410) 955-3211
Contact 2: Cathy Will (For Graduate Students)
Email: cwill@jhmi.edu
Phone: (410) 614-3385
School of Nursing:
Contact: Ronnie Medina
Email: rmedina5@jhu.edu
Phone: (410) 955-7359