Forms (non-ISRs)

The following forms are for use by Johns Hopkins University departments, university-wide, who hire/pay Homewood-based students. If you have any questions about these or other student employment related issue, please contact the Office of University Experiential Learning.

New Hire Checklist

The PDF Document: New Hire Checklist form is designed to make certain that the ISR Initiator has all necessary information needed for completing the New Hire ISR. Note, an ISR document cannot be saved once started. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to have the checklist completed by the student and/or hiring supervisor prior to starting the ISR. It is a useful tool and absolutely optional.

Generic Student Timesheet

The PDF Document: Generic Student Timesheet form (PDF) can be used by hiring departments as a tool for students to record and track hours worked. It is especially important for employers to clearly define to whom, how, and when your students are to submit their timesheets. In other words, must they hand-deliver or can they email their timesheets to you? Must they submit their timesheets each Friday, and if so, by what time?

Confidentiality Agreement

On occasion, students may have access to confidential information within the scope of their campus job In these cases, the hiring department may choose to have the student agree to/sign the sample PDF Document: Confidentiality Agreement template (PDF) and adapt it, where appropriate, to meet their individual needs. For information on addressing ‘poor’ performance as well ‘dishonest/criminal’ misconduct, see Performance Matters.

Performance Evaluations

The goal of the hiring department should be to foster their student workers by providing constructive feedback aimed to enhance the student/s work performance and professional development. To help departments do this, we have created a PDF Document: Student Performance Evaluation Form template and recommend that all student workers be evaluated, at least once annually. For information on addressing ‘poor’ performance as well ‘dishonest/criminal’ misconduct, see Performance Matters.

Job Continuation Form (FWS)

The Job Continuation form is used for students who will be continuing to work in the same department/same job using Federal Work-Study between academic years or if you hired the student non-FWS and are changing to FWS within the same year.

Stop Payment/Re-Issue Check Request

The PDF Document: Stop Payment/Re-Issue Check Request form (PDF) is used for paychecks that have been lost or stolen or that have not been cashed within 120 days of the issue date.